Friday, 1 May 2009

Oh Day of Days!

It's a momentous day. Two things of note have happened here in the Potty household.

First - and probably, most importantly - Boy #2 went to the loo on his own. Without being told to. Without asking me to accompany him. Without making a mess all over the floor. I know he's been doing all this at nursery for some time now, but it's never happened here before. I'm excited about this. I mean, it's been a while coming, and we're not completely there yet, but hallelujah, thank bob for that (as Jo Beaufoix would say).

And no; I'm not changing the name of the blog. Not yet, anyway.

Secondly, I recieved my first ever cold hard cash payment for writing (non-blog, I hasten to say). It's not a lot of money, I have to admit. It didn't even cover today's supermarket bill. But it's something, and that is just fantastic as far as I'm concerned, as not so long ago I never thought I would get that far.

The question now is, what to do with it? Do I deposit it in my current account and allow it to sink without trace into the morass of bills, expenses, and more bills? Do I spend it on the Boys? Heaven knows that without them providing the inspiration and the opportunity I would never have started this gaffe in the first place. I could drink it, I suppose? (Although after last weekend, maybe not...) Or, do I mark the occasion, this first time (let's be optimistic here and hope that it will be followed by other cheques in the future), by using the money for something for me? Something that, every time I look at it, I can think, 'I earned that. Me. With my words, on a page (figuratively speaking, at least).'

At the risk of being accused of being selfish, that last one seems like the best option. (Especially since I just lost my sunglasses and this will be very helpful in replacing them...)


  1. That is wonderful, you must feel so proud (of both of you) A well deserved success that required patience and perseverance.Well done PM and Boy#2

  2. Nice one.

    I think you should set up a separate 'Potty' account. Stick you writing rewards in there, granting yourself special purchases when the need, and the funds, arrive.

  3. Way to go - literally - Boy #2! Looking forward to the blog title change ;-)

    Re your first (of many) pay cheque, this one at least is just for you PM You earned it and you deserve to squander it however you wish.

  4. Well done both of you! I agree with Single Parent Dad; you should set aside a writing pot and save up for special treats just for you. What about putting half in the pot and using the other half for a little treat. Don't know how much that would be, but something like some nice chocolate, maybe.

  5. Congrats, that's a bit of milestone, I agree with the others too.

  6. Congratulations on Boy # 2's achievement. Give him a big hug from me. I like boy # 2.

    Open a savings account with your earnings and watch the money grow. I assume more will becoming. It will be nice to total it up to a nice tidy amount and then spend just a little of it for yourself as a small celebration. There's something very satisfying in seeing money accumulate.

  7. Well I was going to say chocolate, but that wouldn't be a lasting momento.

    Congratulations to you, and to your youngest son too.

  8. Good for you! Good for you!

    Now go and spend it on yourself. Please.

    I've lots of reasons for saying that and I can't even put them into words.

  9. That's great about getting paid! And I say buy those sunglasses! Good about your son too.

  10. Congrats on both accounts! I vote that you use it for YOU!

  11. First, congrats.
    Second, don't change your blog name.
    Third, wooohooo!
    Fourth, on yourself darling!

    -A Modern Mother

  12. Well done!!! Spend it on you (and some chocolate for you) and I have discovered that writing can be rather lucrative if you look in the right places so keep at it and more will definitely follow :)

  13. Thanks, everyone. Your votes have been cast and counted, and luckily they agree with my own choice, which is to go out and buy the sunnies. (Although of course if it hadn't matched up I would probably still have done that anyway...)

    And, as I will soon be in position of sunglasses, summer will end, so I suggest you make the most of any good weather tomorrow - I can't make it to Sunglass Hut until Tuesday...

  14. ah, many congrats Mrs PM. are we allowed a link so we can read your latest offering.

    in the heady days of my blog when i was being offered 6 figure blog deals all over the place, i also earnt a little pocket money for a magazine article.

    I bought a rather nice laptop bag ( i do love Kipling), something else that i've forgotten, then got a parking ticket in Islington. And bang goes my one lot of earnings for the next ten years. Mr Highbury and Islington dined out on my earnings. bastard.


  15. Mdme Pig, thankyou, and a link WILL be provided - just not yet...


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