Monday, 18 May 2009

Forty winks?

It was always going to happen.

Boy #2 and I had a busy morning today; with Husband away it was all hands on deck from 6.45 am until dropping Boy #1 at school just gone 8 o'clock. Then Boy #2 and I did the weekly supermarket shop ('look at me', she purred, 'all organised with my list written the night before' - and which didn't contain around half a dozen essentials I realised were missing when I got home...), and arrived back around 9.15 before sorting out the laundry, the dishwasher, and general tidying up duties.

Before you get the wrong impression of how domesticated my children are, Boy #2 eschewed the last three activities, choosing instead to empty the contents of one of his toy boxes all over the floor of the sitting room. What the heck, it's one way to find the missing pieces of the Playmobil airplane...

Then it was off to the sandpit in Holland Park for some properly mucky sand action (Boy #2, I hasten to add) and a restorative snack, before an early lunch. That last was not intended, by the way. I simply went into auto-pilot when we got home, putting everything out, before I realised it wasn't even noon yet...

So when it all ended in nap on the sofa at 1.00pm, no-one should have been surprised. I mean, my son had been racing around all morning, after all.

Except, of course, it wasn't actually him snoozing and dribbling on the cushions...


  1. I'd spin that as a Power Nap. Sounds much more impressive!

  2. *Smile*

    Naps are good, naps are real good. And I bet you could get away with blaming Boy#2 for the cushion moistness.

  3. Naps. The best bit of sleep ever invented. MH

  4. I'm sure you were just looking at the inside of your eyelids. ;)

  5. Ooh a nap! Mind you, whenever I get that rare opportunity, I always feel worse than I did before.

  6. Napping is what keeps us sane and dribbling is a healthy sign that we have enough spit to lick an envelop closed. Did boy #2 also nap, or did he carefully watch over you and guard you from the bad guys?

  7. I'm sitting here with my friend's 5 month old girl snoring away in her car seat. When she wakes and finds mommy gone and me again - well ------ fortunately she knows me - but still!

    I'm going to need that nap this afternoon. I just know it!

  8. Get you. You're so multi-tasking. Snoozing AND dribbling at the same time.

  9. Mud, I bow to your superior spin powers.

    SPD, what makes you think I didn't?

    MH, you said it. Although this wasn't that fantastic because I kept waking with a start thinking I had missed Boy #1's school pick-up. I should have set an alarm...

    Tracey, yes I was, and they're fascinating...

    EPM, I know what you mean, I always wake up groggy, although the rest of the day is much easier. Not that I take them often, you understand. ahem.

    Irene, he contented himself with poking me awake every now and again to show me a car.

    Aims, I hope you got it!

    Iota, oh yes. I can walk and chew gum, that's for sure...

  10. Daytime naps are definitely the way forward. How are you meant to keep going at such a pace all day otherwise?

  11. Hullaballoo, very true. But can someone tell the children that so they don't keep interrupting?

  12. Power naps are wonderful. It's how much students get through Uni. In fact, I'd like to power nap now... do you think I can persuade my boss that it will increase my productivity?


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