Sunday, 10 May 2009

British Mummy Blogger of the Week

Say it loud and proud: I'm a British Mummy Blogger, and I am inordinately pleased to have been one of the first to have joined. I think that A Modern Mother did a fantastic job in setting this Ning up; such an obvious thing to do, and yet no-one else had that light-bulb moment and got on and did it.

So when she asked me if I would start a new feature to be linked to on the Ning, (why link only once when you can do it twice?) I didn't hesitate for a moment. Would you, she asked me, be interested in writing a Blogger of the Week feature? You can put it on your blog and I will link to it, she said.

Why yes! I replied. Of course, I would be delighted. And that was that.

But then, this afternoon, I took a look at the current list of members on British Mummy Bloggers, and guess what? We're at 235. That's TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE in old money.

235? How the hell can I pick out just one? But, there you go. Me and my big mouth got me into this, so I guess I just better get on with it. And, having stuck a metaphorical pin in the list, this week I recommend you check out: Noble Savage

And I particularly recommend you check out her post about how talking like a robot will make your child. do. practically. anything. you. ask. (

See? I'm. practising. Already.


  1. Oooh. I've just discovered the Savage. A worthy first choice indeed.

  2. Sounds like a Good Thing, this British Mummy Bloggers ring. Gosh, I've been out of blogging only nine or ten months, and already everything's moved on.

  3. Great idea, look forward to reading all your recommendations.

  4. Lovely idea! Look forward to reading her :)

  5. Modern - a pleasure...

    SPD. Glad. You. Agree...

    MaL, hello again, and have you joined? Because it is (a Good Thing).

    ED, no pressure then!

    Liz, I see a much longer blog-roll appearing on my sidebar before too long!

  6. Thank you, I'm so very flattered!

    I will issue a warning though -- once started, robot speak is very. difficult. to. stop.

  7. I'm a British Mummy Blogger too! Good choice of site.

  8. Oh fantastic. I have to try that. I must go and see Noble Savage. And fabulous idea Potty. Well done. :D

  9. Amity, thanks for popping by and I have to say. Inspired. The. robot. voice. works.

    Thanks RS!

    Jo, can't take credit for the idea I'm afraid; it was Susanna again. (Quite when she sleeps I'm not sure...)

  10. Great idea... and great blog.
    Have to give special mention to how your blog pic made me laugh.
    Thanks for that!

  11. i quite agree: here here to modern mother. Sterling effort. x


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