Friday, 15 May 2009

Did I miss something?

OK, explain something to me. I am married (happily, I may add). I am an unpaid stay-at-home mum who has mentioned before that if I DO make money from my blog, it's in the pennies.

So tell me why oh why, in the Google Ads box on my sidebar there are currently only two ads, showing:


Rich Hot Women Personals
Date hot wealthy ladies today

(I'm sorry????? Please tell me that people who read my blog are not the target audience of this ad?)

and secondly:

£94,000/month with a blog
British reveal how to make £3,500 per day Working Online from Home

(because, yes, of course that's just what I do...)

Bearing in mind that since I put it on, I haven't even made £5.00 from the ad revenue, is it time to take Google Ads off, do you think? Although I will leave it on for now just to see what happens. I mean, I just got a post out of it, after all...

And in other news...

My battle for world domination (cue evil laugh and manic stroking of invisible white cat) continues; I've been 'interviewed' by Tara over at My Child, who says:

'If you're a parent and you have your own blog, education and parenting website would love to hear from you. If you'd like to take part in our search for mummy and daddy bloggers of the week, please just drop Tara (Editor) a line at and visit My Child (] to have a look at all the brilliant previous bloggers of the week. '

Happy Friday!


  1. Calcium rich milk, or Potty training made easy. That's what google ads thinks I need to know. Interesting to know you're not getting much out of the ads. I've always wondered.

    Btw, I've got a new blog on wordpress - Some blogger blogs allow me to comment with that id, but yours doesn't.... (*is sad*)

  2. Your Google Ads know me too well - they are currently whispering about PowerPoint.


    I blog to get away from work!!!

    Damn it.

  3. I don't get much out of my ads too. The only advantage is that there are some additional blog links that I can check out and meet new people.

    So...maybe someone thinks your a hot, bloggin' mama. Who can fault them, right? :-)

  4. That should have been "I don't get much out of my ads either..." not "too." Ahem.

    I'm so well educated.

  5. Don't take them off, I was looking for a hot wealthy lady and now I know where to find one!

  6. I was just looking for a hot wealthy lady to date, actually.

  7. Thanks Tracey, will check it out tonight when the boys are asleep (if that ever happens!)

    Mud, so sorry. But at least you didn't get the Hot Ladies ad...

    Lisa, obviously I never made a tipo in my life...

    WM, what can I say? Glad to be of help...

    Iota, of course, you could always get in touch with Working Mum...


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