Wednesday, 27 May 2009

In which I am fading fast...

Can someone tell me, please, why we decided to send Boy #1 to his current school? Oh, it's a good one, yes. He loves it, that's true. They are doing an excellent job with him, undoubtedly.

But their half term is next week, not this. And Boy #2's nursery is, like every other nursery in existence, taking it's half term this week. Not next.

So I have not one but two weeks of small boys at home, bored, without their brother.

And it's only Day 3. And raining.

Heeeeeeeeelllllllpppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee...


  1. There are some helpful hints at my place!

  2. But don't you like the fact that you get to spend quality time with each of them on their own, or isn't it like that? Don't they appreciate you all that much compared to their brother?

    Just think of all the wonderful things you can do with just one child. It's time for adventures and special treats. Bonding even. I would take advantage of it if I were you.

  3. EPM, I'll be right over.

    And Irene, of course, you're right, and I am doing. But that doesn't make for such an entertaining blog post. (Although that had already been my plan for tomorrow's...)

  4. Good luck Potty Mummy!
    Meanwhile, I've awarded you the Lemonade Award over at mine, for when you have time to pick it up :o)

  5. Dear Gawd! You poooor woman! Hang in there, sweetie!

    (Oh, I like The Gossamer Woman's thought on it...time alone with each of them...very nice idea.)

  6. Tell you what, why doesn't Boy 1 trade places with me? He can come to my office and create chaos in the stationary cabinet (it woudl be a welcome distraction for all) and I can come and hang out with you for a week.

    4pm isn't too early for a cheeky G&T on the Kings' Rd is it?

  7. Not good!
    It's not raining here, but I've just taken the children out for a bike ride and ended up wheeling my little girl's bike the 15 minute walk home because she lost her confidence.
    My back is KILLING me!

  8. RR, thankyou! for both the award and the good luck wishes. Although I think you need the latter more than me with a newborn on your hands!

    Lisa, yes, it IS a nice thought, isn't it...

    Mud, 4pm is definitely not too early, and if I didn't have the boys to hand I would be there ordering a Bloody Mary alongside you.

    Tara, but I thought you were only 19 years old? (Just like me?)

  9. I'm having a bit of a half term crisis as well. Please just shoot me now.

  10. Making a big deal of the one-on-one time was my first thought as well, but it can shape up to be more tiring. Where do you get your 'me' time?!! The only blessings I could ever count in that type of situation was that, solo, at least there was no chance of bickering and fighting.

    Looking back, my youngest got the most of special time with mum, when the older two were at school. I even used to love doing the supermarket shopping with just here. We'd always make it special with a coffee stop, where she'd have a babycino or hot chocolate.

    Now, at 10, she still loves any opportunity she can get to spend time, just her, with Mum and Dad.


  11. Well I would - help you that is - but it's a very long way to travel lol!


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