Thursday, 14 May 2009

Venus & Mars #573

When Women Go To The Gym...

9.00am: "OK, Husband and the Boys are home alone, it's Saturday morning, loads to do, the clock's ticking. Some-one's on the Treadclimber, blast. Better start with the Elliptical Edge..

9.20am: Right, off the Elliptical Edge, onto the Treadclimber. Quick!

9.40am: OK, can barely stand up, but keep going. The laundry isn't going to do itself (and no-one else at home will have thought about it....). Let's do some stretches...

9.50am: This is taking too long. I'm going to cut it short. Shall I cut it short? I might ache afterwards... Sod it, cut it short, cut it short!

10.00am: Hi guys, I'm home! Will someone turn off that jazz whilst I sort out the laundry?"

When Men Go To the Gym

4.15pm: "I'm off now. See you later...

6.30pm: Hi. Did you miss me? I did a half triatholon... Oh, did you all eat already? Are the Boys in the bath? What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Obviously, this is exaggerated for effect. Obviously. But not much...


  1. Single Parent Dad jokes, but at my son's preschool, the teacher's son, who was at college doing something sport related, came along one afternoon a week to do gym with the kids (that all sounds so amateur - this was 8 years ago, wouldn't be allowed now). Anyway, my son thought he was called Jim (he was actually Dave) because he was always introduced with the words "it's time for gym now".

    No exaggeration.
    And it applies to every single activity,actually, not just exercise.
    Great post

  3. SPD, and you see, that's the difference between Men and Women. And also those on the right and the wrong side of 30...

    Iota, sounds like a perfectly understand misunderstanding to me.

    Motherhood, I know, you're right, EVERYTHING.

  4. No. This is pretty accurate. My husband doesn't go to the gym, but this is how he handles other situations. . . like when he "runs down real quick to the store for a coffee" and wanders back an hour or so later after the child has been bathed, changed, and is ready for bed. The thoughts running through your head. Kind of like mine when I'm grocery shopping. But sometimes Hubby does that too. Usually right around bath and bed time. Hmmmm...

  5. I hear you. It's the same here and in every family I know. When we try it chaos reigns, mess, no-one's eaten and no one is bathed.


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