Thursday, 28 May 2009

Of Mice and Boys

A lot has happened over the last couple of days. A LOT. Where to start?

First off - the Mouse is back, dammit. After lying low for a couple of months (aka; being smart enough not to be spotted but still having free run of the place when my back was turned or I didn't have my contacts in), it declared itself this morning when I got back from the gym. Boy #2, having been left with his father for the incredibly long hour and a half that I was away, was tearing the place up with gay abandon as I walked through the front door. The Mouse, clearly having had enough of the madness, was throwing itself physically against the shut kitchen door in an attempt to make a getaway under the kitchen cabinets.

A Mummy made of sterner stuff than I would have dealt with it on the spot, but not I. Oh no. What did I do? I politely opened the door so it could dash for it's escape hatch and resolved that Husband can deal with it this evening. I hope it likes tuna. That's what the trap will be baited with...

Secondly, Boy #1 had his first school assembly. They're held every Wednesday and parents are always welcome but since his timetable precludes his attending we haven't been before now. Yesterday, however, he had an award to collect (along with most of his year), so the Potty Family pulled on their best bib and tucker (clean jeans, in my case), packed my handbag with bribes to control Boy #2, and trundled along to watch Boy #1 collect his certificate. It was a surreal experience, and made my experiences from last September seem an awfully long time ago.

Along with the rest of his class he trotted happily up onto the stage and was applauded by the whole school and various parents. He seemed so grown up - and yet not. He's still small enough for me to gather close (it's getting harder and more uncomfortable, but I do it whenever I get the chance, remembering countless pieces of advice to make the most of these moments because they won't last), but I'm starting to get flashes of what he might become - given fair weather and a following wind.

Yesterday evening I went into my sons' room and watched them for while as they slept. As a parent, it's such a priviledge to be able to do that; to watch their features in repose. I often find myself thinking that if I could curl up on a mattress on their bedroom floor then that would be true luxury. Forget fancy holidays and jewellery; sleeping next to my children would be enough.

Never going to happen though. Because then, before I get carried away, I remember the Mouse. And immediately, the prospect of sleeping on the floor becomes impossible.

Drat that rodent.

I was also going to post about our fun and games at the hospital this afternoon when both boys had scratch tests to check on their allergies, and follow that up with a review of the Disney movie that we watched subsequently to calm one of them down (no prizes for guessing which), but I'm out of time. It's the last episode ever EVER of ER this evening.

The phone is coming off the hook.


  1. phone off the hook? i was just about to call.

    the damn mouse. Try baiting the trap with flour, they have to get their furry, pointy little muzzles right in there and kerwhack, that's a broken neck for you my son.

    (i'm back blogging by the way!!!)

  2. You're so lucky! I had to watch Britain's got talent when what I really wanted to watch was the last ever episode of ER. I did see the last 45 minutes, some consolation. It's something else about small children that you must appreciate before it's too late; you still have control over the TV remote.

    And you're so lucky! A mouse! I've had a rat. OK, it was in the compost heap, not the kitchen cupboard, but still. We did have a mouse not long ago but the cat soon put paid to its antics.

    Pig might have been first here but I was first at hers. She's back! Whoop!

  3. Best bait we found was peanut butter but that'll be a big no-no in your home. Chocolate is supposed to be good too, but why would you give it to a bloody mouse! Hope it's gone again soon. Such depressingly dirty little creatures.

  4. What did you think of ER? Bit of a non-end wasn't it?
    My "fond" memories of sleeping with small children is either pointy toenails up my back, or being lashed in the face by restless little boys!

  5. You have mice. I have squirrels. What's a girl to do!? chocolate I suppose!

  6. Pig, hurrah! Hurrah! (And not about the mouse hint, though I will of course be trying it).

    GPM, really? REALLY? Well, that's it then. Two TV's for us...

    Sharon, we did use peanut butter last time, and it worked. The problem was that I then (in depth of night, obviously), ate the rest of the jar myself, sharpish. Not good for the diet. Tuna, I can resist. PB? No way. (Which is why it's so ironic that neither Boy can eat it).

    EPM, on ER, yes, you're right, it was. Still had to watch it though. The end of an era and all that. And as for the fun you had sleeping with your kids, well that's why I was thinking of a mattress on the floor...

    Lisa, I think you're kinder to your squirrels, though. Feeding them? And not in a trap kind of a way? Definitely not a killer instinct, my friend...

  7. our mouse is also back. or should that be MICE. last batch we turfed out six of them. one i splattered with a waste bin by accident, terminator style. does tuna work? like sharon, we've being using chocolate ... and peanut butter.

  8. Grit, it appears tuna does not work. Dammit.


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