Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday felicitations

I'm in the kitchen unpacking the shopping. Boy #2 is 'helping', bustling around and depositing the dry goods in the fridge and the frozen ones in the cupboards.

Suddenly he stops, looks at me quizzically and says "Mama, can you get my book for me?" "Which book, darling?" "The one. The one from this morning. Can you get my dirty book for me?"


Further questioning reveals there is a dirty dog in the dirty book. I am still none the wiser...

Heaven only knows what treasures this will cause to pop up in the Google Ad box. This morning there is one for 'Tattoed girls looking to meet' and another offering 'Laser Tattoo Removal'... Because that's what I blog about, clearly; tattoos and dating...


  1. Hey. where's all the tattooed ladies!

    Google brought me here under false pretenses.

    Perhaps I'll go back to Jo Beaufoix's for the bearded ladies.

  2. Dan, too late, you blew your cover when you joined BMB... I know you're really here for the cooking tips and the cleaning hints. Which you also won't find... (Thanks for visiting, btw!)

  3. Clearly.

    I await the cleaning services adverts ;-)

  4. I'm off to get a tattoo. Obviously all the rage!

  5. today its showing me tattoo REMOVAL. actually the more we talk about this the more of these ads you'll get. better not...

  6. Well it's now girls' panties ...

  7. I see Potty Training Made Easy and some sort of Spy Camera thingy.

    Really? Why?

  8. SPD - well, now you've mentioned them of course they'll be there. And I blame you - entirely.

    Mud, I can't think how I lived without one for so long!

    Screamish, I think we're past that...

    Iota, you're joking. TELL ME YOU'RE JOKING!!!!

    Aims, well that would be because of my part time career in MI5, clearly...

  9. Haaaa! Dirty book! You must have thought....where did uh..Hubby hide those then?! *snort*

  10. Haaaa! Dirty book! You must have thought....where did uh..Hubby hide those then?! *snort*

  11. Well now you do. Blog about tattoos and dating that is!

  12. Going back to my days of translating 'boyspeak' into the more prosaic language the rest of the world uses, could he have been referring to the What-a-Mess books by Frank Muir? Even if he wasn't I'm sure both of your boys would enjoy them. I think there was a TV programme too....

  13. There's an eye surgery one there now. And one about potty training...

  14. On your blog here in the Netherlands, there are even tattoo ads in Dutch.

  15. Oi Dan, who are you calling a bearded lady? :D

    Sorry Potty, right, where was I, erm tattoos, have you got any??

    Just asking. ;D

  16. And the dilemma is, which tattoo to get? I am always think about getting one, but never have the guts to take the plunge.

  17. Lisa, oh, we're Europeans, you know we're much more open about that sort of thing... (as if).

    Tracey, yep, now I do. What was I thinking?

    Sharon, no, I don't think it was that one as we don't have it. Am still wondering, actually.

    Thames, well at least that second one is relevant.

    Irene, really? Wow. Modern technology, isn't it wonderful?

    Jo, a lady never tells. (For which read, no, am far too boring).

    HB, a friend of my parents' celebrated her 60th birthday by getting one of two kittens playing with a ball of wool, on her arm. Not racy, I agree.


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