Thursday, 30 April 2009

It's a fare(sic) cop...

OK. Here is a picture that Boy #2 brought home from nursery with him today. (Bear with me please, there is a point to this post other than maternal boasting. Just for a change.)

Not bad, huh? Especially when you remember that he is, in fact, only 3 years and 3 months old. "I'm sure that Boy #1 wouldn't have painted this at the same age" I thought to myself. In fact, the more that I considered it, the more impressed I became with my younger son's artistic ability.

I located him in the sitting room, where he was supervising the removal of a train wreck from the Isle of Sodor, and the subsequent airlift of Thomas the Tank Engine to the local workshop in a super-jet. (I may not have great faith in his artistic talent, but Boy #2's imagination is working just fine, thankyou very much...)

Me: "Boy #2, this is fantastic! (His face lights up). Did you paint this?"

(Now, before you think I went in there to give him the 3rd degree, I didn't. Questioning is just part of the normal conversational technique with this age group. As in ; Did you make that mess / tidy up / push your brother over / find your blanket etc etc.... Obviously, I know he did all those things. It's just a way of communicating that encourages children to answer back... So, I was just making small talk, really, as a way to underline how impressed I was with the picture)

Boy #2: "Yes. No."

Me: "Ah. So you did paint this?"

Boy #2 (totally unphased): "No."

Me: "So who did paint this?"

Boy #2: "Miss M painted it." (Miss M is his teacher)

Me (still grasping at straws): "What, you mean she painted bits of it?"

Boy #2: "Yes. This bit (points to the roof). This bit (points to the boot). This bit (points to the bonnet). This bit (points to the wheels)."

Me: "And you painted....?"

Boy #2: "This bit." (points to the thick black line representing the main body of the taxi).

I'll not be filling in his application for art college just yet, then...


  1. Oh I think he was just being modest...I don't reckon the teacher helped him at all! And even if she did, don't tell anyone!! x

  2. oh my god, you just reminded me of a really scary story my sister told me about her daughter's psycho art teacher in sydney. all the girls had paintings in a show. my sister had already raved over her daughter's masterpiece. but when she went to the exhibition, she couldn't quite put her finger on it. it was different. then, oh, well, really quite a lot different. all the girls were a little quiet about their daubs, not really into talking about them. then it turned out the teacher had gone around and re-jigged each one to improve the quality of the show. really, really, weird....

  3. That's brilliant.

    And sounds a little bit like my CDT Technology project, and I was 16 when the teacher did that!

  4. You do realise that questioning him about whether ot not he painted it sends strong messages of a lack of faith in his abilities, which in turn will lead to major self esteem problems later in life. Or something like that - I've been in the States a long time!

  5. MT, who knows? Between him and the teacher I don't think I ever will!

    NM, that IS a scary story. Would never happen here, of course...

    SPD, be careful, you never know who's reading - you might have your GCSE withdrawn!

    EPM, when I wrote that post I just KNEW someone would say that! And no, that isn't how it was at all, m'lud. (Althoug I would say that, wouldn't I?)

  6. Snort, for a minute I was going to boast on the artistic abilities of my Miss M. Sighhhhh. Ah well.

    And, erm, my MIss M could totally out draw your Miss M. I'm assuming she was going for childlike charm??

  7. Frame it and stick up on his wall and in a week he'll have forgotten she helped him and he'll be able to claim it as his own and no-one will be the wiser.

    BTW what happened about your Mother's hair?

  8. I am frankly relieved. Phew. This doesn't just happen in my household then. Neither of my boys seems to be demonstrating any real artistic talent. When I interrupted Johnny Drama in a craft session last week he had given up interest after painting half of his paper plate and his teacher was sitting there finishing it off for him. It's definitely the best piece of art we have on the fridge right now. And noone else needs to's our little secret, ok?

  9. At least it is the 'thickest' line on the whole page! Give him that!

  10. The writing of My London Taxi did look suspiciously good for a 3 year old...

  11. But just look at his writing! Outstanding for that age!

  12. What a terrible let down, but I am sure that if she had let him use the brush himself he would have produced something akin to a Picasso or a van Gogh. I just know he's got the ability to turn out something very surrealistic and more colorful than a black taxi.

  13. Jo, childlike charm, or forgery. Not sure which...

    RM, the taxi is currently in pole position on the notice-board. And my mum's hair is - growing out. Watch this space.

    Nicola, my lips are sealed. You ain't seen me, right?

    Aims, yes, size does matter. Apparantly.

    NVG, oh no. The writing was his. Definitely.

    Iota, my thoughts precisely!

    Irene, here's the thing. Taxis are a form of transport. For Boy #2, there can be no higher form of art. So if he could paint, this would probably be just what he would do.


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