Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Smarts have left the building

It's Wednesday, 3 full days after Easter, and I still feel as full as a Catholic school... 

What is it with me and chocolate?  I mean, what?  I've had enough, I know it, and yet I continue to eat it.  It doesn't make me feel good (after the first 8 mouthfuls or so, anyway), and as I sit here  - sorry, squat fatly here - typing away, my jeans feel tighter than they have in a long time.

To cap it all, I weighed myself last Friday morning in an effort to kick start a healthy eating habit.  I've realised that there are approximately 12 weeks to go before we spend a week on holiday with friends, one of whom is a size 8 to my size Bigger...  What was I thinking when I booked that one?  But more importantly, what was I thinking when I decided to start this healthy eating effort the Friday before the biggest chocolate festival of the year?  

Talk about setting yourself up to fail...

I would go and console myself with another creme egg, but I fear it could all get very messy and 'one more wafer-thin mint, M. Creosote?'-ish if I do.


  1. I'm just glad I don't have a sweet tooth and that Easter isn't as big a choc-fest over here (see our Pond Parleys discussion.) However, I find myself on a necessary diet now - having booked a hol with sis and family. It's not till August, but with my will power it'll take that long to lose 5 or 6 pounds! (Blame the Pinot)

  2. We all fall prey to that darned Easter bunny.
    Just accept that your bloody is now probably 50 per cent cocoa, then swear to yourself that you won't eat your bodyweight in chocolate again until next Easter. Or Christmas at least.

  3. You're a regular chocoholic. I've never heard of anyone with a case as bad as yours. I like chocolate too, but not as badly as you do. It's having those kids around that makes it worse, of course, because of the opportunities to have chocolate in the house. You must get a hold of yourself, though, and quit this. You're sabotaging your own body. Eat raw carrots whenever you feel like eating chocolate. They take a lot of chewing and keep your mouth occupied and your stomach happy. And you loose weight on them too.

  4. At least your children like chocolate. Mine didn't even eat their Eggs, which left all the more for me.....

  5. I'm with you girl.

    The Man brought home a BOX of Smarties Mini Eggs. A box!!

    They are the only smarties I can eat - all the regular smarties have flour in them.

    So - having found this whole BOX on display he decided nothing else would do. Well - except for the 4 chocolate bars filled with chocolate and caramel bunnies.

    Oh lord help me! My housecoat is too tight!!

  6. EPM, 5 or 6 pounds? Now you're just showing off....

    Tara, or, the end of the week. I think I should be able to hold out that long. Probably.

    Irene, it's not that I eat it all the time, I don't. It's just that my life is so generally uneventful it gives me at least one thing to blog about...

    NVG, oh, the horror! (And remember, chocolate in the US is totally different - you may want to stockpile the easter eggs and take them with you...)

    Aims, a kindred spirit I see. Am thinking of donating the remaining eggs to charity. Well, it's not as if the boys are going to get to eat them either way... (Just kidding, obviously. I wouldn't do that to them. Though it's a close call.)

  7. When over-indulged, we always ask if 'Sir would like just one wafer thin mint?'
    Always of course followed by rude replies!
    I ate one small caramel egg, half on Sunday, half on Monday..then nothing else for two days as I was ill in bed, but alas! still no waistline!

  8. I haven't stopped eating chocolate since I moved. That's not good. My treadmill is covered by a sheet in the corner and now I'm hormonal and the chocolates call is even stronger. B*gger.

    ANd Potty you are gorgeous and have a fab figure from what I remember. I bet your size 8 friend hates her gargantuan big toe or her nasal hair or something.
    It's awful not feeling good abut yourself, but there are some gorgeous summer clothes out there right now. You could always buy a fab sarong to make yourself feel more comfortable. Hugs.


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