Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Poo in the bath.

(Not mine, obviously).

(Or Husband's).

(Or even Boy #2's).

That's all I'm saying. Am now off to gag at the memory - and to buy more bleach. For some reason, we're running out...


  1. Looks like you're narrowing it down to the true culprit.... at least is was 'confined' to a wipe clean area?

  2. Oh that is so gross. Try it when you're son says "sit with me" so you stand in the tub with him, crouched down so you can play with him, because he demanded it, and then "it" happens. aaaaagh!

    *P.S. Had no idea "pants" was underwear in the UK. That would twist the connotation a little, huh? Ooops. Well underwearless Fridays are good too. I suppose. For some. Ahem.

  3. Oh! Thanks for this image.


  4. ahhh poo in the bath brings back memories of when i bathed all 3girls at the same time once and reached into the water to grab the sponge and retrieved something else which was definatley not a sponge or and bath toy (yuck!!!) x x

  5. Mud, true. And thank god for that.

    SPD, if only it had been...

    Laura, OK, I didn't want to tell you this but it was a tummy upset poo. Collander of no use...

    Lisa, how about 'knickerless Fridays'? That has a ring to it...

    Aims, bet you didn't have to deal with THAT whilst you were babysitting!

    Amy, OK, you win on the gross factor. I surrender!

  6. Poo in the bath. Yes, another all time favourite.

  7. Bleach and some alcohol rub for your hands sounds good to me!

  8. PM, if poo in the bath is a rare occurrence for you, all I can say is that you are a lucky woman.

  9. NH Mum - with two small boys in tow, I am never without bleach and the alcohol rub...

    NVG, well, if you put it like that... (Though I must say, this was a particularly unpleasant variety).

  10. Ah - the old upset tummy bath poo gag (ha ha yeuch). One of the favourites in this household. Only the other night... (draw a delicately flowered fragrenced veil over the scene of carnage that I will not describe any further).

  11. Thames, well thank god it's just a rat you can smell, I say!

    Brit, don't worry, I get the picture. Thanks for the delicately fragranced veil, too; do you happen to know where I can get one around here?

  12. Eughhhhhhh. HEe hee. My brother once did that at my swimming party when I was about 6. That was fun. ;D


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