Monday, 13 April 2009


When my Dad overheard me, at my wit's end, threatening Boy 2 with the fact that the Easter Bunny can come back and reclaim his chocolate goodies if he didn't get back in bed RIGHT NOW, he commented that I really shouldn't say such things unless I was prepared to carry it through.

Let's see.

Outcome No. 1: I win, if Boy 2 believes me and goes to bed in an effort to hold onto his Easter treats.

Outcome No 2: And I win, even if Boy 2 doesn't believe me and runs about the house like a mad thing until he eventually (as he surely will) falls asleep on his feet. Because despite the fact that I may have been run ragged, once he has retired to sleep I will be able to eat all his chocolate.

So here's my question. There was chocolate involved in this one. Chocolate that - potentially - would be looking for a loving home. Would I be able to carry my threat through...? Does my father know me at all?

Note: Boy 2 is my son. He went with Outcome No.1.

Blast it.


  1. I am quite sure that it is vital to the acceptance of discipline and to maintain your credibility as "the word of law" that had Boy NOT returned to bed you had to eat the chocolate.
    In fact as a caring mother maybe you should taste test it for him just to make sure it hasn't gone off !

  2. Follow through? Follow through? What's that then? Oh yes. It's coming back to me. I remember now. I once heard of a parent who managed to do that... I don't think it involved chocolate, though.

  3. Simple answer to your Dad: "Oh I am prepared to carry it through, just you watch me..."

    But don't you hate the grandparental comments from the sidelines....

  4. I had a very similar conversation with the Ball & Chain on Saturday, when he told one of the teenagers that if he didn't do such and such, he (B&C) would "never buy him anything again - ever". Pur-leeze - you have to be able to carry out the threat, err, I mean follow through. We all knew what an empty, ridiculous threat it was and rolled our eyes accordingly. If you're going to threaten, make sure it can happen - at least when they're older and can tell the difference between the real and the fake ones.

  5. How very inconsiderate of Boy #2. The one time you wouldn't mind his naughtiness too much.....

  6. That's one threat I would also have had NO problem seeing through! Pity Boy 2 understands the wonderment of chocolate and chose this instance to decide to listen! :)

  7. It was really a shame, wasn't it? Here you could have had all that lovely chocolate and the kid listens to you! Now, what will you use as a threat when the chocolate is all gone? Will you go out and just buy more? You need something! You can't say, "Or Mummy will be very cross with you!" That's not going to work. It's all about bribery and threats after all. That you follow through on.

  8. Well, he is indeed your child! Mine would do the same thing. I've passed my chocolate loving gene down to him. *sigh* Poor child. May he have his father's metabolism.

  9. I'm thinking your father doesn't know how strong you are. I mean really - look at your restraint in not eating all the chocolate in the house. He has to admire you for that doesn't he?

  10. TR - don't worry. I've been taste-testing all day...

    Iota, I know, in years to come I'll look back on how easy it was to 'follow through' when they're this age and laugh...

    Tracey, I'm lucky, I don't often get the comments. Thank heavens.

    EPM, easily done though, the unsustainable threats. I'm sure I've made a few in my time - though of course Husband has made more (well, as a man, he would, wouldn't he?)

    Sharon, I know! Typical.

    MdP, you know, he's no fool. He probably knows there is no Easter Bunny. But he loves chocolate too much to risk it.

    Irene, you see, there is ALWAYS chocolate in our house. Although I must admit that it's used more often for bribery than threats. The threat part is usually taken care of by the naughty chair - but I just could not be bothered to drag that all the way to the top of the house to deal with yesterday's situation, so chocolate had to do instead.

    J's Mommy, I'm hoping the same thing for my boys. Tall and thin, that's what we want. Tall and thin. Rather than tall-ish and definitely not thin. Like yours truly.

    Aims, he's a man. He does not get the chocolate thing. I mean, sure, he likes a bar of G&B as much as the next person, but here's the difference; he shares it. How messed up is that?

  11. I have said exactly the same thing - it is always going to be outcome number 1 for a threat like this. If not, then as soon as you tell them you're off to see if the Easter Bunny has started to reclaim the chocolate then they panic and do what they're told!

  12. Now this post just made me laugh and laugh. (and Iota's comment of Follow through? What's that then?) Oh it's so difficult sometimes. I found it much easier to follow through when I only had one child. But with two...I threaten and then am distracted by other child and nothing is ever followed through. It's all a shambles. The funny thing is my 4 year old tries to threaten too but still hasn't quite worked it out. She says things like 'Mummy come and see the tower I've built'. And if there's a moment of hesitation from me she'll say 'Mummy, if you don't come right now, then I just won't show you the tower'. Hmmm. Needs to think that through a bit!!

    Shame about the chocolate. But really - could you have eaten ANY more??

  13. And guess what Rosie - it worked again this evening!

    MT - you're right, of course. Not a crumb more chocolate could have fit in... Boy 2 did me a favour really.

    NH Mum, thankyou! I take it Amelia was given laxative chocolate for Easter, btw?

  14. I think your Dad had not thought that one through properly.
    Quite clear that you have no problem with follow through or Boy would not have paid any attention even if choc. not invoved so well done you although pity you didn't get to eat it.
    I am struggling with terrible anxiety as I have actually eaten quite a bit of Four's chocolate and I KNOW she'll notice. Damn bunny's are sold out too so I can't replace them. AGHH Bad mother bad mother..

  15. Motherhood, replace it with barbie chocolate and she'll probably thank you...


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