Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Nowhere Near Wordless Wednesday...

I don't post family portraits - or even individual ones - as a rule. It's a privacy / anonymity / keeping Husband sweet thing really, underlain by a hefty dose of paranoia about what might happen to photographs of my sons if they got into the wrong hands. And apologies if that sounds a little dark, but I've just put down this weekend's issue of the Sunday Times Magazine, and the piece about child abuse will stay with me for a while...

So it was with some relief this evening that I saw Insomniac Mummy had given me a distraction from that when she tagged me on the Picture Perfect meme. The rules are:

Ask your child (regardless of age) to draw a picture of you.
Post it on your blog.
Tag others if it floats your boat.

I'm bending the rules slightly as I'm using one Boy #1 drew of the Potty family this morning, when I was being Educator Mummy (for which read; casting about desperately for any half term activity that didn't involve the television, a trip to the cinema, or a fight with his brother).

In an attempt to start building bridges to his new school in Moscow (where he has a desk, a coat hook, and a locker with his name on it already, all the while being absent himself), I suggested that he draw a picture of his family and write a very short note introducing himself to his new classmates. So of course, when I saw Insomniac Mummy's tag I was delighted to be able to say, in my best Blue Peter styley, 'Here's one I made earlier'...

And, oh yes: you will note that we are all in disguise. And no, we don't all have snooker balls on our heads, those are lions' manes. And tails. Of course. And whilst it looks like Boy #1 is carrying a handbag, that is in fact his brother's left hand - or rather, paw. I'm not sure if the fact that it's so large is some not-so-subliminal comment by Boy #1 on his brother being grabbing and grasping, or just a struggle with perspective...

Anyway, here we are: Me, Boy #2, Boy #1 and Husband lined up in all our glory.

Damn. That's the anonymity thing shot to hell, then...

If you would like to participate in this meme, please consider yourself tagged and just leave a comment so I can take a look at your disguise. I know I'm supposed to nominate but I've got a kill to make for the pride and it's getting late...

Note: This post was supposed to be part of Wordless Wednesday. Fat chance. I never managed to do one of those yet...


  1. But look how thin you are PM! All those trips to the gym must be paying big dividends.Hope the hunt was a success, so much pressure on the modern mother to provide for her 'cubs'. As a point of interest, how do you cook antelope so that small boys will eat it?

    PS Why hasn't Boy #1 got a tail? I think we should be told . . .

  2. Liking the slender PM look. Very stylish. Thinking how glamourous you will look in big Russian hats and great coats.

    I enjoyed this meme, and my wordless wednesday effort had even more words in it than yours did.

  3. I was just going to comment that his perspective may be out but he does show you as very thin. But then I saw everyone else has said that too.

    I do like the paws. Has he been reading Where the Wild Things Are?

  4. Sharon, yes he appears to have learned the portrait artist's most important skill - flattery - very early!

    Brit, so glad it's not just me who struggles with brevity.

    Rachel, he most certainly has (it's required reading from around 6 months old in our house). And may I assure that whilst I may not be fat, I am most certainly not thin...

  5. I love that you're all in costume. That's quite some advanced drawing.

  6. I'll know you immediatley! And I too think that it's advanced drawing. Mine always show me as very round.....and I so want to be thin!

  7. Now I'm worried that you have that body dismorphia thing. If everyone else sees you as that slender, how come you don't seem to?

  8. you are a top class educator mummy, and have a gold star for that. and what a fantastic drawing. i have shown this to squirrel and given her the challenge. she likes the way some of you have tails and suggests you may be possums.

    with the arrival of possums in russia, you can see we have a long way to go on this education thing. maybe this task will help. x

  9. Mwa, well obviously we DO dress like lions all the time.

    TW, it's most unusual for me to be represented in a drawing in that way, really. Like I said, flattery.

    EPM, 'everybody else' doesn't, don't worry about it. Especially the shop assistants who insist (correctly, dammit) on selling me size 14 clothes...

    Grit, thanks for the compliments to my son and possums, lions, same thing really... Apart from the bitiness and the teeth. Otherwise the same, though. And I'm sure there ARE possusms - or similar - in Russia. They just drink vodka rather than Jim Beam.

  10. I love the pictures and your fur hats! Brilliant.
    I read that Times article too, very disturbing. Planning to post a piece of staying safe on line, think I need to educate myself.

  11. I LOVE the picture!! I feel Boy 1 has fully researched Moscow and feels you all need good fur hats for the winter and Boy 2 is growing a very handsome beard too!

    I can't wait for my lil one to be able to draw just on paper in a controlled fashion - I have been hiding his first pack of crayons for fear of needing to repaint home!


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