Sunday 18 October 2009

British Mummy Blogger of the Week

Not only have we turned the heating on (I know, I know, put on a jumper, but I did and I'm still cold in a 'take your eye out' styley if you know what I mean, so heating it was), but today, there was more evidence of the season; pumpkins are taking over the world.

Driving through town, they were heaped up in an artlessly merchandised pile in a supermarket window. Boy #2 stirred in his car seat behind me. He was taking a short break from pointing out every single double-decker bus, bendy bus, coach-bus, taxi, motorbike, and truck we passed. It was funny, at first. Then it got old - surprisingly quickly. Then, after another 5 minutes, it became funny again, which was a good thing because it carried on for a while longer...

Anyway. He was quiet, until we drove past the supermarket. "Mama! Look! Look! Lot's of..." "What, Boy #2? What can you see? (Thank god, something other than buses for us to talk about. Thankyou Mr Waitrose!)." "Lot's of them! Look!" "Yes? Lots of what?"

"Lots of bus-stops!"

Of course...

This is the sort of conversation I can imagine the British Mummy Blogger of the Week might have with her children. She writes about her blog:

'Fed up seeing all these Supermoms effortlessly gliding through the day while I seem to have a bit of trouble just getting out of my pyjamas. Created it so all the other NotQuiteSupermoms can grab their cape from the bottom of the dirty laundry pile and join in celebrating the crazy things that happen to your life when you have kids.'

NotQuite SuperMom's description of her trip to holiday is fantastic (I'm hoping she has used true blogger's license in describing her her husband's behaviour regarding plane seats here, and if not she has my sympathy and understanding), although it's her tale of her Nemesis that really made me laugh...

To check out the British Mummy Bloggers Ning, click here. (Note: It's called 'Mummy', but Dads can be members too).


  1. Oh, my week is over... *sobs* ;-)

    At least you picked a worthy successor.

  2. You've got to love them - bus stops that is!

  3. Good choice!
    Gosh, your journeys sound exhausting!

  4. Mwa, glad you agree with me!

    TW, yes, they light up our lives...

    RS, you have no idea.


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