Sunday, 4 January 2009

Silver linings

Day 3.

For those of you who watch British tv, I imagined saying that with a Geordie accent as in 'Big Brother'. Sad, huh? And just as sad, it's virtually impossible to write phonetically as far as I know -though perhaps the comments box will tell me otherwise?

Still housebound. After a fun-filled day yesterday of chasing poo and wee, with a grand total of 6 pairs of pants making it into the wash (but only 4 pairs of trousers - after Incident 4 I gave up on those and decided that if Boy #2 wants to behave like trailer-trash, he can look like it too...), today we have had Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

That is not, however, because my son has suddenly seen the light and is merrily using the potty at every opportunity. Oh no. It is actually because he took full advantage of being nappied-up for our trip to church this morning. (I may be facing this potty training malarky head-on, but I am not stoopid, and didn't fancy pulling out a mop and bucket to deal with an unscheduled 'disasters' in the pews.) No doubt he is 'filling his boots' (please pardon the expression) again as I type in the nappy he's wearing for his sleep.

So it's official. I'm not stupid - but neither is he.

Now there's a thought to comfort myself with as I mop the mess up later...


  1. To quote a good friend of mine - you rarely see a 16 year old in nappies sucking a bottle - it will happen.

    If it doesn't happen this time, it will happen and its not "failure" - its just not the right time.

  2. Thanks Jeanie. It's only been 3 days of concerted effort though - I think I should probably grit my teeth and try to manage a few more. Not sure the washing machine will be able to keep up though...

  3. Naked bottoms do work better in the early days as it's hard to distinguish between a nappy and pants for someone who's used to having an absorbant 'something' to deal with life's bodily functions. Wee (or worse) trickling down the legs will eventually remind boy #2 that he needs a receptacle! Whether your sanity - never mind the washing machine - will hold out is, of course, another matter. But really you know this as you have done it all before with boy #1. The real consolation is you won't have to do it again - you aren't planning on any more children are you?

    Thinking of you...

  4. There really is nothing worse than potty training... Synpathies to you...

  5. (In Geordie) - Hinnie, divvent botha. Nee doot it'll happen afore he's too much owlda. Ya just meeyakin walk fo yasell.
    (You're right, it is really hard to right phoenetically.)
    Translation - Dahling, don't bother. Doubtless it will happen before long. You're just making work for your sweet self.

  6. Sounds hideous.

    My thoughts are with you!

  7. Sharon, no, no more children (sigh). So yes, that's true, this should be the last time we do this, hurrah!

    Iota, there has been progress. Just working out how to make it entertaining enough to write about...

    EPM, you're probably right. And thanks for the phonetic spelling lesson!

    Mud, not hideous. Just frustrating, boring, annoying, yucky... need I go on?

  8. I think between you and've set me and Lake land Jo off on Geordie-isms! Good luck with it all. I'm way too lazy to start yet. I take my hat off (but not your little ones boots) off to you!!!


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