Thursday, 29 January 2009

Do as I say, not as I do #2

Now, I know this is the height of lazy blogging. But yesterday's post yielded some really brilliant further examples of hypocritical parenting, and just in case you didn't get the chance to check out the comments box, I thought I would share them with you. (I hope this is OK with everyone who I name check below).

Laura: Ever systematically worked your way through your children's Easter eggs over a period of days and only given them the smallest chocolate button one?

Nicola: I am absolutely 100% a hypocrytical parent. Do as I say, not as I do is my motto (thanks mum). Now, where are the remainder of the chocolate buttons...I have an episode of Dr Who to watch before I tackle the dish washer/go for a run/do something remotely useful.

Bush Mummy: How about "don't say 'hate' it's not nice".. and promptly say it yourself five minutes later. Ditto - 'oh my god'. Ditto - 'shit'. Ditto - 'don't shout'

Nappy Valley Girl: Oh yes, know that one. Always making the boys eat fruit (all that 5 a day stuff) and yet hardly ever bother with it myself any more. Getting them to switch the TV off and go to bed, then sitting down to watch Eastenders. I could go on.

Guinea Pig Mum: I've never done ANY of those things. Not one. And I've certainly NEVER told the boys they've spent far too long on the computer and then jumped on there and and spent the next few hours on GoogleReader and blogs. Oh no. Not me.

Tawny: I too have done all the people above me have done, I have also uttered the dreaded phrase 'Because I say so, thats why!'

More than a Mother: I never let mine eat junk, but sometimes I take the toddler to the park just so I can eat a mars bar unseen while I push him (from behind) on the swing...

Iota: I've never done those things.And I never fib either. That is something I wouldn't tolerate in my children, so I'd never do it myself.

Home Office Mum: I can honestly say that I tend to tell them not to pee in their pants and it's not often that I find myself wetting my knickers (trampolines do fabulous things for pelvic floors). So on THAT issue, I can hold my head high.

Tasha: R told me off the other day for slamming the door. I had stomped out of the room because she wouldn't stand still to have her buttons done up. Amazingly, she didn't tell me off for stomping and throwing a tantrum. Fortunately, she doesn't see me eat the four biscuits to her one. And she didn't see me when I pushed her round the park eating chocolate and drinking cans of coke. And she doesn't yet know that fizzy pop isn't actually only for grown-ups, like beer and wine, and nor are the sweeties that line the post office.

And it goes on...

Check out yesterday's comment box for more. (And I know I said this was a lazy post but really, putting all those links in - with my rubbish computer has just knackered me out...)


  1. It's so long ago that I was a mom who ad to set a good example, that I don't remember if I did. It is all covered by the fog of time. I would like to think I was perfect, but probably I did some horrid things like all the commenters did. I do remember sneakily eating McDonald's when the kids were at school.That's one I can own up to. God only knows what else I've got hidden in that fog of forgetfulness. Middle age is saving me from the shame.

  2. I am an astoundingly bad mother - remembering some stuff makes my skin creep but I try and reassure myself that it will all work out fine because I did apologise when I was wrong.
    My usual phrase for ending bickering was "Because I'm the grown up, you can be horrid to your children, but at the moment it's my turn !"
    A mature and reasoned comment I'm sure you will agree.


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