Saturday, 3 January 2009

Learning curves

Day #2 of our self-imposed isolation as the potty training of a very unconcerned Boy #2 continues. Yesterday's tally was 3 'incidents', today's is already at 4 - and one of them involved my searching the flat for escaped poo.

Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Thankfully Husband is at home to help deal with the fall-out, so he has been whisking Boy #2 off to the bathroom for a clean-up and a reminder of the rules - poo or wee in the potty equal chocolate, but anywhere else does not - whilst I, well, chase poo. Or wee. Whatever - it's all good fun... (I tell myself this in spite of the fact that it is of course anything but).

In any case, the last 24 hours or so has been enlightening for Husband, since he was not really at home much when Boy #1 went through this process. I can't blame him for being surprised; the sheer frustration of putting your son on the potty, have him get up after 15 minutes without having produced anything, and then having to change his trousers due to an accident only 10 minutes after that, is not something that they tell you about when you see the extra line on your pregnancy test.

Well, to be fair they might do, but you disregard it along with a host of other things you are convinced will not concern you; controlled crying; Gina Ford; 'necker' poohs - I'm sure if you've had kids I don't need to explain that one, and if you haven't well, I'll let you find out about them all by yourself - dummies (pacifiers for non-Brits); new washing machines due to the death of your old one through exhaustion; plastic toys under your feet first thing in the morning as you stumble to the bathroom to put in your contact lenses; interfering strangers; interfering friends and family; 'suitable for aged 3 years and above' toys given as a present to your newborn; sick patches on your collar, and - oh, you get the picture.

So, yes, we are in the thick of it.

He's got until Monday to improve. If we're still on 4 or more pairs of trousers a day by then I may wave the shite (sorry, White, I meant white!) flag for a while and try again next month. If for no other reason than he's due back at nursery on Tuesday, and if we take him in with his current laissez-faire attitude to off-potty un-nappied loo stops we may get drummed out of town. I mean, asking them to deal with two accidents in a morning, fair enough, and I have no doubt they'll be fine with that. But 4 or 5? That could be pushing it a little.

Speaking of things you don't think about when you first find out you're pregnant, here's another. Buggy Envy. When Boy #1 was born in 2003 he was a couple of weeks early; earlier, in fact, than the buggy we'd ordered. This was swiftly rectified by the nice people at John Lewis, who delivered our Quinny buggy and maxi cosi car seat pdq once we called and explained the problem. It was only then that I discovered I had made a major error in choosing our preferred mode of baby transport.

I had taken my husband along when I bought it.

We had purchased the king of 'off-roaders'; a Quinny Freestyle. Sure, it was comfortable for junior. It looked great; all whizzy reflectors, drop handle bars, bicycle bells and removable blow-up tyred-wheels. It was just the sort of thing any self-respecting bloke would be proud to be seen pushing. 'Here I am' it said. 'Get out of my way. I am a buggy-pushing Dad and proud of it.' And yes, it did the job pretty well; it made it through 2 boys and is still suitable to be passed on for someone else to make use of. Always assuming that is that they live in Outer Mongolia, have biceps of steel and a car boot the size of a ship. (Are you getting the problem yet?).

So when I saw my more sensible mummy-friends with their Bugaboo Frogs tripping around town, scooting up escalators, and free-wheeling into and out of shops my leviathon couldn't fit into, you can imagine that a tiny little bit of envy might escape.

Consequently when I was contacted by Bugaboo to take a look at their new website, I thought, why not? Especially since they came bearing gifts.

It's pretty much as I expected. Bugaboo comes across as a company that, whilst stylish and fashionable, also has it's users' best interests at heart; their designs are innovative and useful, and make parents' lives easier. The website? Well, it has a couple of interesting features.

There is a section on daytrips that gives ideas on what to do as a family when buggied-up, which whilst it might seem a no-brainer is not something I've come across presented in this way on-line before. Mind you, I didn't look too hard at the stage when such a thing was relevant, so it may well be a secret I just never picked up on.

And there is the chance to register yourself as a 'friend'. I haven't done so, feeling that as non-Bugaboo owner and with my younger son now just about to abandon buggies altogether it's not that relevant (and also I have you guys - who needs more online input, really?), but I guess that it's still something that might come in useful for yummy mummies relocating and looking to create a new network. Or something.

Anyway, overall, it's an OK site. Though I can't help feeling that Nappy Valley Girl hit on something in this post. It's all very well to spend time and money coming up with a site that echoes brand values and connects with your target consumers, Messrs Bugaboo, but what about the real glaring ommission in your offering?

Double buggies, anyone?

If they'd offered one, I would have bought it. Instead, I ended up with another leviathon. Also purchased with Husband in tow. 'Nuff said?


  1. choice? choice? eight years ago we had the hobson's choice of buggies. a triple one made by gordon's or nothing. i believe there is a bit more choice nowadays, including a triple buggy that passes through doorways. i used to have to hoist ours in sideways.

  2. Shame man - potty training is not fun! Took MONTHS with my son!! Our nanny did most of the hard work though *blush*

  3. You get a small boy to sit on a potty for 15 minutes? Wow. Respect.

    I'm with Laura. Potty training for the lucky few can be over in a few days, but for others, it can be a few weeks, or a few months.... Nobody tells you that. Even the books. It's a closely guarded secret.

  4. You're going to have to help me out on "necker pooh". Google didn't clarify.

  5. Buggies are strollers right? I'm sure it I will say I lucked out with my brother buying me a very nice set that came with a car seat and a buggy. It was sort of large, but then we bought a smaller one (umbrella stroller they call it because it folds up, in theory...of course it really doesn't..well, it doesn't but then it falls open again and you pinch your finger trying to close it and...well, you get the picture.) to get around in stores etc., That's about the time the child decided he didn't want to ride in one anymore. Not only didn't he want to , but he wouldn't. Under any all...

    Keep up with the potty training and keep us non-potty-trainers up to date

  6. When I announced my pregnancy to friends and family, my professor from art college wrote to insist I get a bugaboo. In his professional "designer" opinion they are the best in the market. I told my husband and he insisted he would carry our daughter everywhere!!! She's 6 months old and I'm still waiting for him to cave. I've picked up an Umbrella stroller which I can't live without. Anyway, just wanted to say the bugaboo does look really sweet and good luck with the potty training. I'm taking mental notes.

  7. Potty my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Hope it happens quick. I still worry that I never found a stray poo Miss M assured me had occurred. Hug.

  8. Stubborn little b****r isn't he! He's obviously quite happy to be wearing a nappy even though most of his contemporaries have probably graduated to pants/knickers by now. Shame about the thermostat and draughts problem - maybe when Summer rolls round again? If it's any consolation I haven't yet seen a child start Primary School still wearing nappies.

  9. Arrgg - the memories. And each child does something completely different. Even with my third, and yonks of experience, (or so I thought), I was almost driven to my knees. I finally left him alone (no bribes, reprimands, praise) and of course he conquered it. It seems they do it in their own time really.

  10. Hi Potty Happy New Year..

    Gosh well done you.. hope it's going well today. I sent Mini back to nursery half potty trained and let them finish it off. Well, I pay them enough in fees and once she saw all the other children trooping off to the loo together she got it..

    Pass the buck I say.

    BM x

  11. Thanks for the link, PM - and glad you agree.

    On the potty note, I am with Bush Mummy, why not let the nursery take some of the strain? Littleboy 1 definitely benefited from copying other boys at nursery (although I was once told that he and a couple of friends had been stopped from visiting the loos together as they were playing some game of waving their willies around! Sounded terribly innocent to me but presumably rather disruptive.....)

  12. Grit, I can't imagine how it would be dealing with twins, let alone triples. You are wonder woman (and I mean that).

    Laura, not months, please, not months!

    Iota, story time has been happening rather a lot over the last couple of days. Funny how the Gruffalo can be stretched out to 15 minutes, isn't it? And 'necker poo' is one of those explosions where it gets all the way to their neck. Remember those? (Lucky woman if not!)

    J's Mommy, yes, buggies are strollers. Though why they are called 'strollers' when strolling is the last thing I ever do (dawdle, rush, run, hurry, mosey, yes, but stroll, no) I don't know...

    SB, your husband is certainly going to develop some biceps. Can't say I agree with his position on the buggy. But then to each their own. And I guess it's cheaper than gym membership...

    Jo, will keep my nasal receptors peeled, so to speak. Thanks for the warning!

    Sharon, stubborn is NOT the word. Still pushing on with it though. hey ho!

    EPM, you're right, they will do it in their own time, and I buy into that. As long as that 'own time' takes place before their third birthday. Hence the current campaign...

    BM, well, will probably do just as you say since it's now day 3 and no real progress yet. Let that nursery earn their money. Yeah!

    NVG, yes it does sound innocent - but really quite funny!


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