Friday, 9 January 2009

Happy Birthday...

Ho hum. I know, another post; I'm going to get myself a reputation if I'm not careful. The whispers will be starting; 'You know that Potty Mummy? She can't get enough of it. She's at it all the time! It's disgusting the number of hours she spends on it - doesn't she know, she'll give herself RSI if she doesn't watch out....'

But don't judge me, it's not my fault! You want to know the dirty secret, the reason I have been spending so much time in front of the computer recently? We have a new DVD player - and Husband has rediscovered his boxed set of 'Band of Brothers'.

Don't get me wrong. I liked 'Saving Private Ryan' as much as the next (female) person. Which is to say, not that much, actually. I mean, for a movie with so much tottie in it (I may have blogged before about my purely aesthetic admiration of Matt Damon), it's really quite... samey. I know, I know, it's very realistic, it shows you what really happened, it highlights the grittiness of War. Which is fine, I suppose, for a couple of hours. But watch a whole - interminable - series of it?

I think not. Blogging wins hands down. Frankly, tidying my sock drawer wins hands down - but luckily I don't have to make good on that comment, because instead I have a computer to play with, which is much more fun.

Especially when I have News from Deeyah Eeeyat. Today, I took Boy #2 to the supermarket. I took him to the Butcher. We made a family trip to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. And guess what? DRY. Sorry, did you hear that? DRY. I said, he was DRY!

I was so proud, I can almost disregard Tantrum Jacob as we left the museum. That would be the tantrum that stemmed from 'I can't believe you're making me leave this temple to the wonders that are London trains, buses, boats and taxis. This is punishment most cruel and unusual! You are both the worst parents in the history of the world, ever, EVER! I thought we had come here, to live for the rest of our lives, in peace and harmony amongst the engines!'

I mean, OK, he didn't actually say any of that. What he actually said was "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

On repeat.

All the way to the tube station. Until we reminded that his birthday presents were waiting at home for him, when he cheered up. And what were these presents? Unsurprisingly, trains, taxis, railways, and a Playmobil airplane.

Oh god - I can hear the opening credits of yet another episode of 'Banned of Brothers' (sorry, Freudian slip) playing in the sitting room.

Men. I just don't understand them.


  1. Dry!? Woo-hoo. Give that girl a drink of her choice. Well done!

  2. Yippeee!! And Jacob? Well, what's a tantrum between friends when your pants are dry? Did you make a Train shaped Birthday cake?

    Word of warning, don't take Boy #2 to the Train Museum in York, you'll never get him out of there. I have a cousin who volunteers at the Battersby Steam Railway (Oop North somewhere near Barnsley if I remember correctly), he was always obsessed with trains too. My boy #2 favoured the Natural History Museum and the National Maritime Museum just about equally, although any Museum was good. Boy #1, not so keen, he preferred going to the Cinema.

    PS No, I didn't get a medal, just war wounds and the scars to prove it. Obviously didn't learn much though as I eventually repeated the experience but without the stuck head and forceps ;-). Sitting down not so bad the second time.

  3. Playmobil hadn't invented their version of an aeroplane when my oldest was that age. He would have LOVED it.

    Happy Birthday, Boy #2.

  4. Firstly what it is it about Band of bloody Brothers? My husband has sky plussed the whole series and is trying to make me watch it... not interested I'm afraid.

    More importantly WELL DONE on the potty front!! Hooray you've done it.. or rather he's done it. We had a similar experience on a trip to the London Eye with no accidents and I was thrilled..!

    Many congratulations BM x

  5. Well done and many congrats! Love the Geordie version of Potty Mummy and Potty Boys...goes down well up here I can tell you!

  6. wooohooo! do not throw those nappies away yet though ... keep them as weapons to put under the windscreen wipers of vehicles who park in the buggy bays at supermarkets when there is no evidence of children whatsoever in their vehicles.

    i got through the last two packs of ours like that. happy days.

  7. Hurrah for successes! It shows there is hope in sight. Keep up the great job and have a Green & Blacks (?) to celebrate.

  8. I too suffer from the Band of Brothers DVD and head for the laptop.

  9. Can you believe we're out of vodka, EPM? Typical...

    Sharon, the Train Museum in York will have to happen sometime, but probably not just yet. And maybe I'll draft a grandparent in for that one...

    Iota, as Boy #2 does now; the airplane goes everywhere in the house with him; to bed (on the floor, under protest), by the potty, next to the breakfast table - you name it.

    BM, I wouldn't say he's 100% reliable - but if I look at posts from this time last week, he's doing pretty well right now, you're right!

    HT, I aim to please!

    MM - would that be a loo roll? (boom boom)

    Grit, what a fabulous idea. And just perfect for all the 4x4's who use those bays because they think they're entitled to them because they are foolish enough to drive a bigger car... The only pity of course is that they hadn't been used. Though I suppose that might be a criminal offence.

    Ped, you're right, it IS Green & Blacks, and I did have one. Well, alright, one or two...

    WM, we should probably set up our own support group.

  10. Ahem. As a York resident I suggest you avoid that temple of doom at all costs.
    When my sister took her class of autistic teens there, the only way they could get them all to leave was to turn out all the lights. In the entire museum. You have been warned.

    Ah, the happy days spent on those uncomfortable chairs next to the Brio set in the London Transport Museum though, watching my children brain others over the head with sections of track while I pretended I had no idea whose they were.

  11. JW, point noted, York is off the itinerary. As for the Brio set, needless to say that was one of the high points for Boy #2. I mean, it's not as if he has one at home, or anything...

  12. How can he watch it over and over and over. Dear God it is depressing? I mean, it is good to know about and we need to remember what those men fought and died for, but ugh! Over and over and over?

    Anyhow...yeah! for the dryness. You're making progress! And Jonathan just loves trains and planes too. He would have screamed the very same thing had I taken him to such a place then cruelly made him leave!

  13. Ahhh, and on his birthday what a star. (The dryness, not the tantrum -although all birthdays have those don't they).

    And I could see that DVD getting misplaced...


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