Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday Frustrations

Things that are guaranteed not to make your day...

Spotting some designer jeans in the sale, trying them on, and discovering that the reason you never bought anything from this range before hasn't changed; sale or not, you still can't get your size (and dammit, this is your size everywhere else) past your knees. See Tara's post on this at Blog to Fit for more musings on the fun of different sizing scales in different stores...

Asking your younger son if he needs a wee or a poo, recieving a very firm negative answer, and then having him race into the room 2 minutes later soaked through.

Shutting the washing machine door on a full load of potty-training challenged laundry, starting the machine, and spying your son - wearing only his pants and shirt due to the fact that every single pair of trousers is somewhere in the washing process - walking round with what is clearly a poo poking out the back of his underwear.

Being pulled to one side by your older son's teacher when you collect him from school to be informed of the fact he has been telling her fibs and knowing that the punishment you are going to inflict for this (no tv that day) will hurt you just as much as it will him.

Trying to write a post with a wriggly squirmy 3 year old on your lap who is determined to access the Chuggington web-site and refuses to quit until he gets what he wants.


  1. Blimey Potty Mummy, that's one challenging day!

    I've done the 'gah, everything's in the wash' thing.
    The number of times I've had to wash, dry and iron a school sweartshirt or trousers over night. I never ever learn.
    I'm there with the item over the radiator, then over the boiler WILLING it to dry!

  2. The whole TV punishment ... I feel your pain!

    The poo poking out of his pants made me guffaw in our office.

  3. Note - Please don't misread 'guffaw' as 'guff' which is a whole other function which is definitely not allowed in the office.

  4. Fibs? He might not realise they're naughty. Think how often children are praised for being imaginative and making up stories. Perhaps I'm being too kind to him...

    Potty training is absolutely the pits, the pits, the pits. Cyber-sympathy abounds in your direction.

  5. You're a braver woman than me, PM, and deserve an award for perseverance. I might have to invent one - the award for putting up with the most crap perhaps? We used to get several soakings a day during potty training, but poos in pants too often would have sent me straight back to nappies.

  6. I had to teach one of mine the difference between fact and fiction, so that we could figure out what had really gone on in her life on any given day!

  7. Tara - do you have a webcam into my house? Do you?

    Laura - and your second comment made me guffaw too. (The other thing happens as standard, I'm afraid...)

    Iota, I would love to agree with you, but no, I'm fairly confident he's simply pushing the boundaries and seeing what he can get away with. I plan to write a post on this one as soon as I can tear myself away from the laundry...

    NVG, can it be the Crap-tastic award? Because I would win it hands-down - twice - today...

    EPM, I know. 'What did you today?' 'Nothing.' 'Who did you play with?' 'Nobody.' And so on. I know it's not true - and half an hour later he'll tell me so. Should probably put it on my frustration list...

  8. Man, potty training is a nightmare right now, huh?

    Yeah, my kid isn't even interested. I forget, how old is No. 2...the child, not the poop. Har. har.

    I'm kind of getting worried about my kid not even seeming interested in it.

  9. Potty Mummy, you have an award :)

    (Laura, I scan read your comment as "guff in my orifice", which of course made perfect sense)

  10. Two sons pushing the boundaries by the sound of it PM. You have my sympathy. Stick to your guns even though the temptation to back down can be overwhelming at times ;-)

    We were evacuated from our house yesterday - bushfire!! Allowed back this morning, backyard burnt but house ok - big sigh of relief. Now have fingers firmly crossed that the wind doesn't change direction again and blow the still-burning disaster back our way. Spent last night staying with complete strangers who volunteered to put us up for the night and have given us an open invite to return if necessary! Such are the wonders of country life in the Land Downunder.

  11. I see things are progressing as they should in your area.

    How're the mice btw?

  12. All clothes in the wash - been there. Particularly when fostering two street kids who had just one set of very smelly, filthy torn and worn rags to their names when they arrived.
    Clothes in the wash, kids in the bath, then wrapping them up in big fluffy towels (for which I had to thank my maid, I don't know how she made them so fluffy), until their rags... er ... I mean clothes were dry.


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