Thursday 5 November 2009

It's never too late to do the right thing...

I can't imagine the living hell that Madeleine McCann's family have been going through for over two years now. Somebody, somewhere, knows what happened to her. Please take a moment to view this video and see the new images of how she might look now.



  1. Grief - heart goes out to her parents...

  2. Just cried watching that. I can never understand those who doubted her parents, and thought they had something to do with it. I cannot imagine their grief, it must sit with them day and night.

  3. It's still so shocking. Kate and Gerry live up the road from my parents so we see them out and about from time to time. What's struck me has been their sheer bravery and dignity throughout the whole experience. I think alot of that comes from their faith - both spiritual and hope.


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