Saturday 28 November 2009

I'm wearing my glasses... that should tell you that when I went out last night with 3 girlfriends, and ended up in a gay club watching Motherhood the Final Frontier doing a fantastic personal appearance in front of some adoring fans, I may have had a vodka and tonic or two along the way...

Therefore, I'm going to beg your pardon and politely suggest that if you want to read anything approaching cohesive thought from me, that you pop on over to Powder Room Graffiti where you'll find me chuntering on (again) about moving to Moscow.

And there's good news; the deadline for entering the Robinsons Put On a Panto competition to win panto tickets at theatre local to you has been extended to 11th December. Go on - you know you want to!

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for details...

Happy Saturday!


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I once went out with a friend for a 'quick glass of wine' and ended up at Stringfellows at 3am.
    Why? I have absolutely no idea except that I was incredibly drunk and had been let out of the house for the first time since having a baby!
    Needless to say I didn't breastfeed the next day otherwise who knows what would have happened - the baby would have demanded to go clubbing!
    Take a nurofen and watch TV with some chocs then you'll feel much better! x

  2. How increadably wonderful. I am so envious!!

  3. Sounds great - really wish I could have been there to see Mothership, I bet she was fantastic!

  4. Girl - I've been here there and everywhere fighting some private battles of my own health and have only been dropping by occasionally.

    Now - however I went and looked at your post on moving to Moscow and I am one of the stunned! Only because I missed the announcement that you were thinking about it - but not that surprised because of your husband's work.

    I do hope that you keep us informed from there of the going's on of life in Moscow - do they have internet there?? :0)

    We've come a long way since we first met and I for one am always up for a new adventure.

    You go girl. This adventure is going to rock!

  5. OMG - Stringfellows at 3am. So long ago it seems like a parallel universe.

  6. TRMD - Stringfellows? Now that sounds like one hell of an evening!

    MadHouse, it was definitely an experience to remember.

    NVG, she most certainly was.

    HCM, 100%.

    Aims, I gathered there is a lot going on. I'm sending positive thoughts in your direction. And yes, Moscow will certainly give me plenty to write about!

    EPM, yes, 3am and I are not well acquainted right now (other than on dimly lit trips to my sons' room, to deal with nightmares, of course...

  7. absolutley loved your moscow story in the powder room; well done. i am so old i have to wear my glasses all the time now, vodka or not. x

  8. Glad you enjoyed the show. I was so chuffed you came.
    LOVE the new look blog.
    I'm feeling a makeover coming on (me and the blog, that is)


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