Monday 30 November 2009

Does my blog look big in this?

So, it's been a while since you looked - really looked - at yourself in the mirror. You know how it is; you find a look that suits you, that you think is the bees knees, and you stick with it. It fits you, it reflects what you're up to at that particular point in time, and you feel comfortable with it.

Time passes, though. Your shiny new look starts to look a little less new and a little less shiny. In fact, it becomes a little grimy around the edges and feel a little uncomfortable in certain places. It doesn't fit as well as it used to. You start to notice that there are other people around who are looking quite a bit sharper than you do. Their colour-ways are clearer and brighter. They are more on-trend, more on-message. They can do things you can't. You start to feel like the frump on the edge of the dance floor whilst the cool chicks are getting noticed and getting on down under the lights, and you begin to feel a little left out.

So you grasp the nettle, take your courage in both hands and decide it's time. Yes. You are going to have a blog make-over.

Well, actually, I grasped the nettle in the summer and got my logo designed then, but in the way of all good ideas, at that point the project stalled. I uploaded the logo, thought 'ah, that looks purty, I must do something about the template now' and funnily enough real life came along and got in the way, dammit.

So it's only now that the final look is present and correct and ready for duty.

I hope you like it. And if you think my blog looks too big from behind, don't tell me please. I'm just enjoying the moment for now...

Please don't think for an instant that I achieved any of this myself, as I am a luddite of the first order (you may have worked that out from the somewhat home-made previous incarnation of The Potty Diaries). If you're interested in doing something similar with your own blog, details of the lovely people who helped me with this transformation are as follows;

Bespoke blog logo design by

Template design by

Overall blog design and project management by Liz at Violet Posy Design (Liz's other hat is as the fabulous blogger Violet Posy)


  1. It looks great. Relieved to know there is help out there for the technically inept like myself.

    As if getting ready for the move to Moscow isn't enough!

    I do enjoy popping in here. Sending bestest wishes for the move and Xmas

  2. Looks absolutely fabulous darling!! Funny it must be the season because I've been trying to work out a new look for my blog too..

  3. It looks very smart, you've done a great job!
    Mya x

  4. Thanks Mickle - for the comment on the blog and your best wishes.

    Vix, thankyou too!

    Mya, hi, how are you? (And thanks)

  5. Looking good! Clever you getting it sorted before 2010 (unlike us, who might not get a makeover till 2011!) Luddites definitely r us.

  6. We recently redid our blog, and have filled it with paperclip motifs and lots of pictures. Not easy, but it does give a lot of satisfaction to add a bit of sparkle. And would say if we thought your blog looked big in this - it doesn't, just looks great!

  7. This looks absolutely fabulous. I love the fact it's bigger too, makes it even easier to read. So your blog does look big in this, but all the better for it!

  8. It doesn't look big in this, it looks very lovely. You are inspiring me to think about a full blog revamp too...

  9. Lovely. Makes me want to go less frumpy, too.

  10. WOWZERSSS!!!!

    I love it..

    I want one..

    BM x

  11. It looks great - and am delighted that you had to get help! Leaves me feeling not (quite) so technologically challenged!

  12. It looks great! Congratulations. (Are you going to add some Russian symbols to the potty too - Red Square perhaps?)

  13. Totally gorgeous - just like your good self xx

  14. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

    You're the flower, husband is the plane, and the boys are the car and dinosaur. Am I right?

    From bog to blog... Ha!

  15. Thanks Pippa!

    A&U, just thought I should do something about it before Russia overtook our lives.

    Handpicked, thankyou too (and I love the paperclips on yours, btw)

    RS, I know what you mean. Sometimes bigger IS better...

    Brit, I'm sure the people listed in this post would love to hear from you. (And no - I don't get commission!)

    Mwa, frumpy, you? Never!

    BM, something tells me that adding a blog revamp to your to-do list might be a step too far right now. But then you are superwoman, after all...

    Thankyou Dotterel!

    PlanB, come on. You saw the previous incarnation. Of COURSE I had to get help.

    NVG, in time, who knows?

    Nicola, you say the sweetest things.

    Iota, yes, you are right. (Boy #1 is the dino, Boy #2 the car. Although right now he probably should be a naughty chair...)

  16. an inspiration to get something sorted! well done!

  17. I love it! I think it looks spectacular! Well done, you.


  18. Grit and Shannon, thankyou. I get a warm feeling everytime I check on it. Is that sad?

  19. I love it - haven't been by for a week and thought I was in the wrong place - looks fab!


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