Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Battle fatigue...

...has set in.

This is a Bad Sign. The school holidays haven't even started yet, for goodness' sake, and already I'm feeling like a wet weekend in Formby. My darling Boys have been on the receiving of one too many short-fuses; things that would normally just wash over me - or which at least I could nine times out of ten shrug off with my usual mantra of 'they're 5/3, it's their job to be this way' - have been resulting in shouty responses and flouncing about in a prima-donna styley from me.

I'm old enough to know better and need to stop. Unfortunately the things that have resulted in my current state of mind aren't going away;

  • The unfortunate propensity of a five year old to whine when things don't go his way.
  • The 3-year old hard-wired response of a tantrum when things don't go his.
  • The unrelenting travel schedule of Husband meaning I have 'the con' far more often than is healthy for me.
  • The increasing likelihood of a move of country and the consequent chaos that will ensue.
  • The knowledge that if we do go there is every possibility that last August's fun and games with Boy #1's starting school will repeat itself all over again, and that there is nothing I can do, other than maintain a positive demeanour, to shield him (or myself) from it.
  • The looming summer holidays (the horror, the horror!).

And the heat isn't helping this wilting English rose either. (I know. That's how bad it's got; I'm actually complaining about good weather.)

On the plus side, chocolate and 30 degC + don't go well together, so at least I've lost a bit of weight...


  1. We're all there. Especially on the sharp shouty responses followed by a flounce worthy of my teenage years. Any chance of an afternoon nap?

    PS - you thinking of moving countries too? British expat mummy bloggers taking over the world one country at a time.

  2. Brit, oh, an afternoon nap! What a lovely thought! As for moving country, watch this space. It's likely but not certain...

  3. Know how you feel. I've got the boys full-time all summer, with not even friends to entertain them yet. The only difference is that at least out here there is a beach and pool. But hot tired, whiny little boys.....I've certainly had my fill of them already.

    How do you feel about the move? Excited? Or would you rather stay put....

  4. Hello! I left an award for you over at mine!

  5. Mine have been out for for weeks already! I have given up - there's one playing Xbox and another lying in front of Sponge Bob!

  6. I am sure that the heat doesn't help anyone's temper anyway. I had a craving for chocolate yesterday and scoffed the vaguely melting lot when Mr C got home, ended up covered in melting chocolate and feeling a bit queasy!

  7. oh I feel for you. your boys sound just like mine. how I am not in the loony bin is anyone's guess. and the heat is no excuse not to gorge on chocolate for solace...well, it isn't mine anyway. after my trip to the UK I have a fridge full of the damn stuff that is constantly calling my name. Oh - there is goes again. must dash. have more calories to inhale.

  8. My activities with the girls consist only of turning on the sprinkler in the garden at the moment. Seems to be working though. There's another award for you on my blog (

  9. Oh, my fuse is very short at the moment too; poor kids. I love the image of you feeling like a wet weekend in Formby though... I do hope you make it through the holidays intact...

  10. Hang in there. You can do it! (I say as I bail for the summer in the refuge of grandparents and guaranteed sunshine)

  11. NVG, have to admit that if I had an out and out choice, I would rather stay put. But there isn't one, so I'm alright about going.

    Thanks Pippa!

    EPM, I foresee a summer of tv as babysitter (shhhh - don't tell Husband)

    DF, that queasy feeling, that's why I don't do (excessive) chocolate in the heat. Unfortunately though I recently rediscovered frappucino's. There's a whole world of sin waiting right there...

    Nicola, I say again, frappucino...

    Anne, thankyou and a sprinkler sounds like a great idea. If you have a garden, which sadly we don't...

    Sparx, do you know Formby? If yes we have even more in common than I thought!

    Ha, Modern! I say again, HA! (Think of me as you relax with a glass of cool white whilst the grandparents handle bath time, won't you?)

  12. I'm sorry you can't send them outside to play, or that you don't have a kind neighbor with a pool, or a nice park at the end of the street with all the right equipment, because that's how easy it was for me. It's a shame you live in the middle of London and cities aren't child friendly places. You hang in there, PM.


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