Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Excitement - Boy #2 style

Ah, the holidays.

Blue skies, warm temperatures, long and lazy days spent by the pool with your children.

(Although of course we all know that 'lazy' isn't a term that is strictly true, if you count the supermarket shopping that for some reason seems to happen far more frequently in a foreign country, the high alert each time one of the children goes near water, the constant annointings of the kids with sun cream, the constant applications of the same with mosquito repellant, the cooking, tidying, the searching for the lost swim goggles, the searching for the lost swim shorts, and the running back to the supermarket for the extra wine you need because unaccountably you seem to have drunk the half case you bought the day before yesterday in less than 48 hours...)

But still, blue skies, family time, adventures in mysterious castles. Paradise, really.

So what, I wondered, was Boy #2's favourite part of our holiday? Would it be the pool games?
The frequent access to ice-cream? The jousting at the castle (more of which another time)?

Oh no.

"It was when we drove over the railway lines that crossed the road, mummy."

Excitment is a level crossing. Of course.


  1. I sympathise. My son's favourite moment on our holiday last week? The time we got him some new scissors at Ikea. (We took him up a mountain in a cable car, saw wonderful castles in the forest in France, etc, etc. And that's what he chooses.)

  2. With you every step of the level crossing. Nothing is more exciting.

    Although, following our great weekend in Sarajevo last weekend, with nothing but child orientated activities, ice cream, staying up late and all sorts of stuff that they love, the most exciting thing was discovering that there was a Ben 10 show on the TV.

    Glad we went all that way...

  3. But Boy # 2 is always right, don't you know that? He has the final word on everything and if he says that was the most fun part, than so it is. Now you must find some good ones in your neighborhood.

  4. haha brilliant - it is always the simple things that please. I have perhaps spoilt betty with a few presents here and there since dolly was born but she has snubbed them all in favour of some paper cake cases - which she spends hours with.

    I know what you mean about visiting the supermarket far more often in a different country too. I felt rather envious reading your post - a foreign holiday seems years away for us!

    Enjoy the rest of your time there! x

  5. A level crossing. What could be more exciting than that?

    Soon he'll be doing A levels, and then you'll yearn for the days of level crossings.

  6. At least it was something you did on your holiday!

  7. Anything train-related usually wins in our household. Although having chips and ketchup to eat is always upheld as the gold standard of whether a good time was had...

  8. Love it! Mine's favourite thing was the merry-go-round/carousel. Holiday cost near on £2k, a ride on a merry-go-round at a fair? 50p a go. What were we thinking?

  9. To be fair I remember being pretty excited about level crossings when I was a kid.

    Mixing the genre's you see. It's like when Batman appears in a superman comic.

    Maybe it's a boy thing.

  10. I can go a little better, my boy liked the exploding piano at the circus over anything else so far.

  11. Gutting. We've abandoned all thoughts of taking the kids abroad, after a ghastly flight to Portugal with three under 18 months. Holidays will never be the same again.

  12. And why do we buy our children all those toys? Most of the time all they need is a cardboard box and they are fine....a cardboard box or driving over train tracks. Whichever.

  13. oh my, that's one to keep in the year book for adolescent years x


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