Sunday, 19 July 2009

British Mummy Blogger of the Week

No pearls of wisdom this week, or even attempts at being funny. It's the end of Week #1 of the summer holidays and - well, I don't really have to say any more than that, do I? And if I do, then you either have pre-school children so to you the summer holidays are like water off a duck's back, or your children have grown up and moved on. Or, you don't have kids - yet. In which case, what are you doing here when there are vodka martinis to be drunk and wild sex on the kitchen table to be had? (Leave me my illusions, please...)

There are now 434 members of the British Mummy Bloggers' Ning, and looking through them today, it struck me that some of the newer members may not have come across some of those who have been around a little longer, so I decided today to highlight one of them. But where to start? There are so many that I check in on regularly, and I don't want to cause any upset or offence to those I don't name because frankly, I would like to nominate all of you.

(OK, disclaimer made, I can continue now...)

In the end I closed my eyes, stuck a finger on the screen and came up with this week's British Mummy Blogger of the week; A Confused Take That Fan, 30 . She writes about herself:

'I'm early 30s (only just), an ex journo and I like Jason Orange, no make it Gary Barlow, baking buns, daydreaming, watching McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy, stroking my little girls soft cheeks, laughing, magazines, chatting, parma ham, holidays and sun, France, houses, movies and being in love...'

And I particularly recommend that you check out her post on parenting tip #236; how not to impress the school run mums. Getting drunk and messy in situations in which one should know better? Gosh, I'm so glad that I never behave like that...

To check out the British Mummy Bloggers Ning, click here. (Note: It's called 'Mummy', but Dads can be members too)


  1. Just read the tip (and subscribed to the blog) brilliant... love it!

  2. What an excellent choice, thanks!

  3. You are too kind. I am touched beyond belief. After a shocking weekend, you have made me finish with a smile. Many thanks xx

  4. Brilliant blog, was already reading :-)

    PM, there's an award for you at mine

  5. Hi hun I've tagged you over at mine xx


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