Saturday, 11 July 2009

You're a liar and a cheat...

...and an unfit blogger, PM...

(and for anyone wondering where I lifted that from, think; Sue-Ellen's divorce from the evil JR in 'Dallas' around 25 years ago). (Yes. I am that old.)

Why am I a cheat? Because I've been far too busy spending quality time with the Boys and Husband at the London Wetlands Centre to get round to writing a decent post (or indeed to find time to reply to yesterday's post's comments, sorry about that, I promise I will), so instead I respectfully request that if you do want a window on our lives, you check here on for some retrospective holiday musings.

And then look out of your window at the pouring July rain, and join me in wondering why we bothered to come back to grey old Blighty...


  1. LOL!!! I'm off to have a lovely time!!

  2. What? You expect to have a life, AND a blog? Get real, woman.

  3. Mrs OMG, I hope you do!

    Iota, I know, it's a mad dream, but don't wake me up just yet...

  4. I LOVE the London wetlands centre. Spent many a happy afternoon seeing no birds but playing in their playgound and looking at the funky frogs made out of old phones.

    I'm going to have a look at a lovely time - if only to remind me what a decent playground looks like.

  5. 25 years since JR and Sue-Ellen got divorced?? Please tell me it's not true. Now I am feeling VERY old!!

  6. Like Maternal Tales, I'm feeling very old too.
    As for the rain, apparently the moisture is good for our skin. Well something has to be good for it, so why not the rain.

  7. Gorgeous photos. I want a holiday!
    I'm feeling old too. Do you remember the song by the Wurzels: 'I Hate JR'? I expect it will be my brain's screensaver for today!!

  8. Brit, sorry I didn't mean to mislead you there; the post on the wetlands centre will follow soon!

    MT, maybe you're remembering the second time they got divorced? (I'm throwing you a line here, grab it!)

    MtW, unfortunately I think - like me - you may be remembering the first time they got divorced... (That's what you get for telling me your age)

    SC, I don't - and I don't want to!


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