Friday, 31 July 2009

'Sorry' seems to be the hardest word...

... unless it's what you're writing when you're on holiday and haven't had the time to tend to your blog as you normally would, in which case I'm afraid it comes far too easily.

So please, accept my apologies for not commenting on other people's blogs as I normally would. I AM reading them, it's just that the time I devote to this is stolen from teaching the Boys' swimming, sitting reading the latest John Updike, and sipping a glass of rose in the sunshine, so I'm sure you'll agree it's not that high on my list of priorities. Plenty of time for that in what I'm assured is rainy old London when I get home...

Ditto on the comments here. I think it's the height of rudeness not to reply if someone is kind enough to leave a remark in my comments box, but I've given myself a few days off from this, so I hope that hasn't been seen as too rude.

And finally, whilst a lot has been happening not all of it has been bloggable so I'm going to impinge on your good will again and, with your permission, and once more direct you to Powder Room Graffiti, where I am wittering on about how what is supposed to be a feel-good experience - getting a haircut - so often isn't...

Normal service will be resumed shortly, but in the meantime I do beg your pardon for my lack of input. And now I have to go; my glass of rose is getting warm...


  1. It's called a VACATION for a reason. We forgive you!

  2. You are absolutely forgiven!!!!

  3. Where are you anyway? It sounds lovely.

  4.'ve been having a life? Outside of blogging. Shame. Shame.

    (We call the above sentence sarcasm in the States. you?) :-)

  5. I'm thinking how dedicated you are to be blogging on holiday!

  6. I'm with Ella!
    Have a fab hol and enjoy your wine!

  7. I'll forgive you ;) By the MAGIC OF WORDPRESS STATS I can see when you've been over anyway and it makes me feel better..
    Hope you're having a lovely holiday. Do nothing. Don't even post. Drink more rose.

  8. you enjoy girl. you just enjoy. we'll all be here when you get back.
    Oh. and have a glass for me will you.
    see you soon. x

  9. It's a holiday lovely, it's allowed.

    I still feel huge amounts of guilt at not keeping up, as I've barely been able to read since mine and Mr B's split 5 months ago, but people are pretty forgiving and I reply in person more than on my blog at the moment.

    I think one of the good things about blogging is that you tend to get to know a person from their writing, so people know you're not being rude, you're just busy being a Mum and have a fabulous time hopefully. :D

  10. Please, enjoy your holiday mode. We'll still be here when you are "back".

    -A Modern Mother


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