Saturday, 4 July 2009


Does it make me a bad mother that I have started to think I will be a better one if I have some time off?

I don't mean anything radical. Just a couple of days away from the constant hum of a family.

I love my Husband and Boys beyond life, but sitting at the breakfast table this morning and being assaulted (yes, that is how it feels, and no, I'm not good first thing) from all sides by a) Husband discussing his forthcoming travel plans b) Boy #1 talking 10 to do the dozen about how 'merit' badges at school need to be shared around and that's why he didn't get one on Friday (hmmm) and c) Boy #2 talking about - well, actually I can't remember what he was talking about, which in itself is not surprising but nevertheless makes me feel I'm failing him in some way - I found myself dreaming of some time away.

Not on my own, mind you. No, I'm not after splendid solitude. What I want is a couple of days just kicking up my heels, drinking too much, sleeping in late and generally shooting the breeze somewhere warm and balmy with a girlfriend or two.

However, with a move likely, the summer holidays around the corner, girlfriends with equally busy lives, and Husband's work taking him away from home more than is strictly civilised, it doesn't seem likely any time soon.

Ah well.

I can't fit into my 'warm and balmy' girl's night gear anyway.

Pass the chocolate, somebody?


  1. Can't you park the children at various grandparents and have a short week away with a friend or two? Surely you can arrange something? You need a little break. it wouldn't make you a bad mother at all, but a sensible one. Everybody needs a breather now and then.

  2. Let's sit on the balcony in the cooling breeze. Here's some Green & Blacks and a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The beautician is on her way and then we're off to dance the night away.
    Oh well, we can all dream!
    Hope you do a get a real break soon, we all need to charge our batteries :-)

  3. I think having a break occasionally can make you a better Mum. Good luck trying to find some you time.

  4. Ooh can I come?? I sooooo need a break too. A hammock, a bit of sun and anything alcoholic will do. And no it doesn't make you a bad mother wanting some time away. It can only make you a better Mother...x

  5. I think a break is good for the soul ... yours and theirs, so if you can, then do! It makes you a good mum if anything xx

  6. It's lovely to have a few days off from the daily grind bits of being a wife and mother. In fact I think it's actually a necessity so hope you manage to wangle something, preferably before the school holidays start. Could the boys visit their Grandparents while your husband is away, even if only for a couple of days. I'm sure you'd find a friend who'd love to share a break with you.

  7. It doesn't make you a bad mum, no. Though I know we all have a tendency to think that way. I remember feeling guilty about enjoying getting away for a day and a half when we went to scatter my dad's ashes. Ridiculous.

    And, yes, a break will make you a better mum. Absolutely. You will find you appreciate the boys much more and actively want to spend time with them, rather than being obliged to, if you see what I mean.

    If I were you, I would pull out all the stops and try to organise something. A weekend away next time hubby is back from his travels, or leaving the boys with relatives or friends, if that's not possible?

    Sounds like you could really do with it, and you know what they say... Where there's a will there's a way.

  8. I went skiing last year with four NCT mates leaving all our children with husbands.

    To this day it was the best single thing since I've become a mother. Not only did I not think about them for five WHOLE days, I skiid like a mad woman, felt hugely exhilerated, slept like a log and ate like a horse. It was truly fabulous.

    Although not skiing season, why not take yourself off on some kind of 'physical' type holiday? Really does the trick.

    I'd come with you but you may end up delivering my baby..

    BM x

  9. Irene, lovely idea, but the problem is my friends all seem to have lives just as hectic. It will happen though - just not yet!

    SC, what a fabulous idea, although could I make mine a mojito rather than white wine? (I don't get to drink mojito's often, and especially not with G&B's, but it seems like a good idea...)

    Thanks DF! I need the luck!

    MT, let's all go on a virtual holiday. Can I pick the destination? I go for Mauritius. Or, oooh ooh, the Maldives?

    Mrs OMG, I defintely agree. A holiday would make me a better mother. And that's what I'm telling Husband when I do eventually pack my suitcase to head off for it.

    Sharon, ah, the delights of the private schooling system mean that Boy #1's holiday starts... this week. Oh well.

    Tasha, wise words, and I promise I will get to it. Some time next year, probably!

    BM, yes I did the ski trip with the girls myself a couple of years back. (Sighs at the fab memory...)

  10. I'm late on commenting, of course, but I say, "NO! There is nothing wrong with wanting a few days away. In fact I'm sure it would do you good. I hope you can find that break you need and take a bit of a breather.

  11. I occasionally feel like this too and I wouldn't feel guilty about it! Maybe you could start with a day out with the girls...or maybe another BMB meet up is in order?! xx


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