Thursday, 2 July 2009

And now I am two...

Happy Blog-Birthday to me, Happy Blog-Birthday to me.... etc etc.

That wasn't how I intended to start this post. I was going to write about the fact that we (as in 'The Potty Family' - or more specifically, Husband and I) are in the Doghouse - note the capital D - as far as the other residents of our building are concerned.

However, I'm so bored by this myself that frankly I've decided not to subject you to tales of neighbourhood bickering over whether 'we' (The Potty Family) do or don't have the right to erect a set of steps - on our own property and meeting all planning regulations - up to the communal garden behind us. (Can you tell I'm cross? Thought not. I am a picture of calm...)

Instead, I will just state that whilst officially my 2nd blog-birthday is not until Sunday date-wise, it was on Thursday 2nd July 2 years ago that I kicked off The Potty Diaries with my first post, and bearing in mind that I hit post number 400 yesterday, today seemed as good a day as any to mark the fact that I have now been wittering away on the internet for such a long time.

Who would have thought my charming, funny, beautiful and entertaining Boys could provide me with so much interesting material? (With - admittedly - a little padding from me about related and unrelated subjects).

So, if you want to delve back into ancient history, here's the humdinger of a post that started it all.

Original title, huh? And note the plethora of comments. It took me a while to work out that commenting on other people's blogs might be what it took to get some visitors of my own...


  1. Happy Birthday. Are there any other posts that you have a love of that you could share with us? As a relative newbie to the potty scene (the blog that is, not the actual things of which I have made more than enough aquaintance) I'd love a pointer to the potty highlights of the last 2 years.

  2. Happy Birthday! Would love to know if you've grown. How has the blogging you matured? Are you different as a result of doing it? Taller? Adult teeth? Less spotty?

  3. Happy Bloggy Birthday! Have a cake. No, have 2.

  4. Happy Blog-Birthday!
    Neighbours eh, who'd 'ave 'em?!

  5. Well done Potty! Keep it up!

  6. Wow Happy Birthday Potty! Great excuse to eat cake. You were one of the blogs that I followed for ages (without ever commenting because I was too nervous) and that finally inspired me to start my THANK YOU!

  7. Well done, Potty Mum! I've lost track of my own efforts, having switched providers, but I'm somewhere in that neighborhood too. Two or three years, I'm not sure. I feel like an oldie around here, as you must too. A real expert. Ask me anything and I'll have an answer. Congratulations.

  8. Hi and Happy birthday, I've just found your blog and am really enjoying it.

  9. Brit, thanks for the birthday wishes and as for potty highlights, be careful what you wish for - you may have given me the idea for a post in 'previously in ER' styley...

    HMHB, I've definitely grown. Outward. In the bottom area, mainly, from all the extra hours spent sitting in front of the computer.

    Mud, oh, go on then, since you insist...

    SC, who indeed. Although living in central London, they're a little hard to avoid, dammit...

    Thanks EPM - and you too, please! (How long has it been now? Or is it rude to ask?)

    Nicola, thanks, and am so glad that you did (start your own blog, that is), since as you know I love reading yours. And if any other lurkers are out there, I promise to be nice - come on out and say hello!

    Irene, you definitely are more experienced on this than I am. I don't even have the nerve to consider switching web hosts - far too scary and complicated, I take my hat off to you!

    Hello Jen, and thanks for visiting and commenting. And your blog is very entertaining (am very impressed you find time to post with such a small baby in tow. Are you multi-tasking and typing whilst feeding her..?)

  10. Happy Blog Birthday! I love the new pic, by the way. Though it will mean that, when I'm reading your blog, Rosemary won't come up and say 'But Mummy, what's my potty doing in the bin?'

  11. Thanks Tasha! And yes, the new pic... it's part of trying to make my blog look a little less... amateur, I suppose. More changes to follow. (And I can always forward you the image of the potty in the bin if your daughter really misses it...)

  12. Congratulations on the blog birthday. It made me think that mine must be around now and what do you know, I started my first blog on Friday 1st July 2005. Darn, missed it by 2 days!

  13. Well - I'm sorry I missed that first post. It truly is hilarious!

    How things have changed huh PM?

  14. Oh, I always knew you were older! (hee hee)


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