Monday, 29 June 2009

Love and Marriage...

Picture the scene. I'm talking to Husband who is in Moscow, via Skype. (Bear with me, that detail is important...)

Me: "So, The Potty Diaries is featured on the Alpha Mummy website again today."

Husband: "Really? That's great! What's the web address so I can take a look?"

I tell him, he clicks away whilst we chat about other stuff...

Husband: "I see it."

I wait for him to ask me what it's all about, where the details I wrote about came from etc. There is a long pause.

Husband: "Gosh, so she died too?"

Me: .................... ???

I start to laugh.

Husband: "What?"

Me: "Unbelievable. I tell you about a post from my blog being featured on the Times Online site - which is a pretty big deal, by the way - and you are more interested in checking out a photo of Farah Fawcett directly beneath it..."

More laughter.

Husband: "You're going to post about this, aren't you?"

Me: "You're dead meat."

Happily, I think there is very little chance of my ever getting carried away by a sense of my own importance...


  1. As I really should consider divorce!! (snort!)

  2. Frog, I am SO underappreciated...

  3. Hehe, it sounds like he's used to being the source of many a blog post :-)
    Congrats on the mention too!

  4. LOL Oh I stumbled over here..somehow..and I am so glad I did. This is a great post and really does sum up men as a species!

  5. Oh ha, ha, ha, Hubby. He's a riot huh? Well, I guess one can't blame him with her wearing that bathing suit all the time, huh?

  6. You need this shirt
    My daughter keeps saying she's going to get it for me. (I wouldn't mind it if she did!)

  7. Aaaah... men!
    Mine never ever gets excited about anything, he is just too cool for this... I get so frustrated at times when I would like him to bounce up and down with me, but no!
    Although come to think of it, it would be weird...
    That's very funny and well done for being in the times online, you deserve it!

  8. My hubby doesn't know what I write about or what my blog is called. It's all very supportive.

    That is a great post, BTW.

  9. Haha. It is a new and ever constant threat in our house since I started with the whole Twitter thing

    "Right! That's it. I am telling The Internet". *picks up iPod touch*

  10. SC, I don't know WHAT you're talking about...

    MM, thanks for visiting and yes, it does rather, doesn't it?

    Lisa, you said it. And it was that poster shot of her that adorned a zillion boys' bedrooms in the late 70's early 80's...

    Tracey, I'm about to to click through...

    PHM, I know, at least he started off being supportive - before being distracted by the eye candy.

    Modern, well that's how I started. It just didn't stay that way...

    DF, that's a great one, I will definitely remember that threat in times of stress!

  11. Sounds familiar!! At least men are good for one thing - material x

  12. Hilarious....

    well done on the Times post.

    The Doctor has also taken to saying: "I expect you'll be putting this in the blog, won't you..."

  13. DD, oh, so true!

    NVG, I think he's double bluffing you, hoping that by saying that, you won't. But we wives do hate to disappoint, don't we?


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