Monday, 15 June 2009

And for my next trick...

We're conducting an experiment, here at the Potty Laboratories. Husband is the subject, but he doesn't know it yet, and won't if;

a) I can keep my mouth shut - unlikely, but I'm giving it my best shot. Duct tape may be required. Or wine. Although the latter may have the opposite effect if I get the quantities wrong...

b) he doesn't ever get round to reading this post. This is highly possible as I don't as a rule carry stories from the FT, and am not featured on Top Gear.

The experiment is:

How long can Husband leave a 'set' of underwear (i.e. a pair of socks and one pair of boxer shorts) lying on the floor by our bed?

There is some clarification needed here, however. Does it count as just one 'set' if at the end of each day the previous evening's 'harvest' (for want of a better term) is picked up and put in the laundry basket (admittedly by the afore-mentioned Husband), only to be immediately replaced by the updated version from today?

I only ask because the cleaner is coming tomorrow. Which is of course where the experiment gets really interesting, because it then becomes an exercise in my self-control in not picking them up before she arrives...


  1. I have the opposite problem here. My husband tidies things away before I've actually finished using them.
    I swear I've been in the middle of doing something and he's cleared whatever 'tool's I'm using away as I'm in the middle of doing whatever job it is.
    Clean freak. Nut case. One of the two!

  2. oh wow, this is BAD, pm. I snap after 24 hours. I've never lasted longer, except for those days I run screaming from the house in despair and go live in the garden shed. if we include those, 48 hours.

  3. LOL ... brilliant!!!

    I bet that you cant leave them there for the cleaner.

    Keep us posted!

  4. I'm a clothes leaverer, pants usually go straight in the basket though. But I do often have a T-shirt on the floor that I would consider wearable in a short term situation.

  5. The Doctor often leaves a little pile of clothing, including pants, by his side of the bed. When we had a cleaner, he would usually pick it up the day she came, so it might have been there for, say, 6 days? If ever I enquired whether it was clean or dirty, his reply would be "I'm wearing it."


  6. I too bet you can't leave them there! You might have a hope if you didn't have a cleaner coming in. (This is why my house is like a bombsite - but I also refuse to wash anything that hasn't been put in the wash.)

    I run this type of experiment on my children. Things miss the wash, and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth when they are needed. You'd think they might change their behaviour, but they don't.

    [Tara, your husband sounds like my brother-in-law. Are we related?]

  7. I tried this one. I reached 2 weeks and then discovered that he can really throw and enormous grump about not having any clean pants. We didn't have a cleaner so I didn't need to pick them up.

    Point was made though. He now leaves everything in the vicinity of the laundry basket. Note he doesn't actually put it in the basket just on the floor beside the basket.Drives me absolutely NUTS.

  8. LOVE IT. Weeks in our house.

    Sorry about tagging you for recycle week.

  9. Just know that you're in training for having two teenage boys some day - they can do this with more clothes and for longer.
    In our house it's not so much clothes, (he's not bad at finding the laundry basket) but ladders and things like that. We had a ladder and two long shelves standing in the middle of the living room for over two weeks until I reminded him of my twice weekly visits to the chiropractor!

  10. I can agree with Tara. My Hubby does that too. He's a clean freak. But I say that you can't make it without picking them up. That's just my vote.

  11. Wait! You have a cleaner!?

    I'm sort of with Tara here.

    Fortunately The Man never leaves anything like dirty clothes lying around. In fact - he makes it a toss and catch game each night as he whips his manpanties into the air and catches them before 2pointing them into the basket.

    I have cleared away his 'tools' before he has finished with them. I'm good like that. Yup. Not finished with that cup?...oh well!

  12. OMG this is exactly what happens in our house!! Except I always crack and put them in the wash basket, which is RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE HE LEFT THE CLOTHES!!!!!


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