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A few of our friends have recently been blessed with newborns. Now, before you click away, this is not another post from me regretting the passing of time and the fact that we aren't going that way ourselves. In fact, since simply picking up a tiny 6 1/2lb baby was enough to freak me out at the weekend, I think that I may be on the road to recovery on that front - finally. I don't think the mum noticed how eager I was to hand her gorgeous but oh-so-fragile bundle of joy back - I don't think so...

Anyway, it's not about that. Totally over the baby thing. Totally...

No, this is about one of those ?????????? moments you experience as a mum.

Due to the sudden influx of tiny, mostly breastfed babies (have you worked out where this is going yet?), my sons have seen a little more 'equipment' on display in working order than they have done for some time. And consquently, have been paying rather more attention to mine. All well and good, we're not a prudish family; they ask questions, I answer. Although I do rather take exception to having my nipples called 'tubes'. (Which they most certainly aren't, and do not resemble in any shape or form, I would just like to make that perfectly clear).

So, we've been discussing the fact that babies get milk from their mum's boobs. Not always, obviously. (And not for that long, for various - private - reasons that I won't go into now, for either of my boys). So I don't know why I was surprised by what happened one morning this week. (Come on - you must have worked out where this one is going by now).

6.30am. Boy #2 climbed into bed with me after he woke up (Husband is travelling). It was early - too early - so I told him to lie down, go back to sleep, and that I would get up shortly and fetch him some milk.

As I lay there dozing, he was clearly pondering the milk problem. He wanted some. I wasn't jumping to and fetching it. What to do? Well, he reasoned, why go to the fridge when there was obviously a supply of it lying right next to him?

It's a bit of a shocking way to wake up, I can tell you.


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy 3 June 2009 at 09:59  

Ouch! Bet you got out of bed to get the milk pretty sharpish after that.

My mantra on breast feeding was always 'until they get teeth and bite'. It really hurts!

Frog in the Field 3 June 2009 at 10:57  

I can't breathe, I'm crying........
please, please tell me you'll get pyjamas
I'm in toadal hysterics!

Single Parent Dad 3 June 2009 at 11:02  

Slightly different to a 'morning mommy' I agree.

Rebel Mother 3 June 2009 at 11:38  

OMG! Very funny!

Typical bloke - already obsessed with boobies!


screamish 3 June 2009 at 11:42  

ha!! too cute! now my girls are crawling it does come as a surprise to see them crawl up the bed and latch on with an iron will of their own..

Maternal Tales 3 June 2009 at 14:38  

Oh ho ho. How hilarious. Painful I'm sure...but hilarious! Thanks for sharing that. x

Expat mum 3 June 2009 at 14:53  

Speechless. Thank god mine's now 6 and beyond all that. I hope!

Thoroughly Modern Mummy 3 June 2009 at 19:54  

That is hilarious! Thank you for making me smile. I have just stopped feeding my 6 month and was tempted to feel all sad (and yet relieved too) about it - but you have just made me chuckle!

The Gossamer Woman 3 June 2009 at 20:28  

That was very clever of boy #2. You can't blame him for trying. He figured that's what they must be for. Why else would you have them? Did he bite you?

Katherine 3 June 2009 at 21:17  

Good thinking but, yes, OUCH! (if he did bite that is?!)

Erica Douglas 3 June 2009 at 21:44  

Very funny, and innocent.

clareybabble 3 June 2009 at 21:46  

LOL!!! I used to worry that my son would want mummy milk again when his sister came along but luckily he hasn't so far!

Kat 3 June 2009 at 22:22  

One of my chums babies asked if he could have some of my milk the other day! Thank you for nearly being my first commenter :)

Tara 4 June 2009 at 00:11  

Thank goodness it was in the comfort of your own home and not in the supermarket . . .

Iota 4 June 2009 at 03:50  

Aaargh! Too close for comfort - in all kinds of different ways...

sharon 4 June 2009 at 08:31  

What's the betting he'll be telling them at nursery that his Mum's boobs are empty!

Rosie Scribble 4 June 2009 at 12:32  

The funniest blog post I've read in a long time!!

Potty Mummy 5 June 2009 at 10:05  

Hi all,

thanks for the comments and sorry for not replying individually but I'm using a laptop and the batteries are about to run out... And for those of you wondering, no, teeth were not involved. Thank god.

Coding Mamma (Tasha) 5 June 2009 at 20:27  

Did it work?!

Quite sensible of him, really, but very funny.

There's an award for you over at mine.

Jo Beaufoix 7 June 2009 at 23:51  

Nooooooooo. Oh my God that is hilarious, Really. Ouch. Hee hee. Very resourceful.

Amity 8 June 2009 at 17:37  

Am I the only one whose kids weren't biters, even with a full set of chompers? I think I got nipped (pardon the pun) a few times but never properly bitten, and certainly not on a regular basis. Owww!

The wife of bold 10 June 2009 at 11:33  

Hilarious! I love how he refered to your nipples as "tubes" too funny.

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