Sunday, 7 June 2009

British Mummy Blogger of the Week

It's that time of the week again. And this week, that time is a bit later than usual, so apologies for that, but let's get on with it and unveil this week's British Mummy Blogger of the Week.

Well - I say 'let's get on with it' but first I have to tell you that I had every intention of taking the easy way out this week and just sticking a pin in my personal blogroll and nominating one of them this time round. I mean, we've gone from 235 bloggers to choose from back at the beginning of May to 331 now. Who on earth can keep on top of those numbers? Especially when this week I've had two boys home from school on half term and a Husband out of the country... (He's back now, and paying for it. Or he will be when he wakes up.)

I couldn't do it, of course; I did look through the list of members, and still I ended up with Grit. Who, in the interests of full disclosure, is on my blogroll, but that doesn't a) mean I have claimed or off-set any expenses against it, or b) stop her blog being both fascinating and entertaining.

She writes:

'If you don't know anything about home education, here's one approach. It's not school at home. It's not autonomous. It's a bit of this. It's a bit of that. It has itchy feet, a love of history, science, art and learning, a husband somewhere in Asia, and triplets. That last one sometimes makes things complicated.'

Prepare to have your eyes opened. Especially about Milton Keynes...

To check out the British Mummy Bloggers Ning, click here. (Note: It's called 'Mummy', but we're not fussy. Dads can be members too!)


  1. aw, i'm all weepy now. i may have to drink an extra large glass of beer and start hugging everyone randomly until the police come. x

  2. Now THAT's what I call quick off the mark! (Can I have a shandy, btw? I'm a bit of a lightweight these days...)

  3. Nicely put, I'll go and take a look.

  4. Hi Potty Mummy, great to be reading and enjoying your blog again. I couldn't keep up with blogging when youngest daughter was so young, but things have (sort of) normalised again, so it's lovely to see you writing and enjoying your boys so much. MatL x


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