Monday 8 December 2008

I can see the future...

Boy #2 and I were rushing this morning. Rush, rush, rush, that's all we ever do, it seems. I'm not actually sure that his days at home with me when his brother is at school are actually 'rest days' at all. Today this was all my fault as a result of over-scheduling, and because as Husband is travelling, it's all down to me and split second timing to make Boy #1's ridiculously early start at school. (How I ever thought it was difficult dealing with only one pre-school child before Boy #2's arrival escapes me now...)

So anyway, after a brake-screeching arrival outside the school 5 minutes before register started (result!), Boy #2 and I made a speedy visit to the supermarket, went home to drop off the shopping, and then climbed back into the chariot that is our clapped-out Skoda to drive down to Chelsea Theatre on the Kings Road (more of why in a moment). On the way, a car turned out into the road in front of us and I had to put in an emergency stop (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). No biggie, no stress, I just stopped. Quite quickly, yes, but without any drama.

Or at least, 'without any drama' is what I thought.

From the back seat, however:


Me: "I beg your pardon?"

Boy #2: "Shoooooooot, Mama! Ssssshhhhhhoooot!!"

How can I kid myself these substitute curses sound so innocuous and acceptable when I say them, but when used by my nearly 3 year old - in the right context and, I might add, in the right tone of voice - it sounds just as bad as the worst swear word you ever heard?

(We were on our way to the Chelsea Theatre, by the way, to see a performance of 'William's Monsters' - developed by the same team who did the stage version of 'The Gruffalo'. It was BRILLIANT. If you have the chance, I highly recommend it. Boy #2 was transfixed for a whole hour, and I was smiling from the moment it started. I'm hoping to get tickets for Husband to take Boy #1 once school's out, it was that good.)

This afternoon, I took the Boys on a playdate. We were in new territory, we hadn't been to visit these girls before (for oh yes, they were girls). I was a little nervous, it had to be said. Two Boys in a girls-only very pink environment, with girl-focused toys? It could have got ugly.

I needn't have worried. The Boys behaved impeccably. Initially I thought this was because there were trains in evidence (my younger son will forgive any number of dolls if there is a locomotive in evidence), but as we left I realised that there was more to it. These girls are petite, well-behaved - at least, whilst we were there - and above all pretty. And the Boys, without being prompted, kissed them as they said goodbye.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...


  1. Your boys are still at the age where they think girls are special and aren't afraid to show it. It makes them be on their best behavior all by themselves. In a few years, this will wear off and they won't like girls for a while, only to have the interest reappear again some years later. I think boys are the cutest when they like girls and have crushes. They get real serious about it and need all the help they can get. That's when a kind mom steps in and does her best with gentle hints and other useful ideas. It's a wonderful time, childhood.

  2. Being chauffeured to the theatre and on to a date with a nice young lady - your son is starting his life in a way I'd like to get used to!

  3. I heard this horrific story about a boy in my daughter's preschool class yesterday. He came home from preschool, told his mother that Natalie was no longer his girlfriend, and cried for three hours whilst eating an entire bag of doughnuts. His mother was very upset by this behaviour (though not upset enough to remove the bag of doughnuts?). So think yourself lucky....

    Your boys sound so sweet.

  4. I got my 5 year old home from school (half day) on Monday. While he was eating lunch, I was looking over my ever-growing to-do list. He put his hand out, flat palm facing me, and said "Oh no, you're not dragging me all over the place again".

  5. So sweet. Even the Littleboys do seem to know that one behaves differently with the opposite sex - although this mainly seems to involve showing off...

  6. Irene, here's hoping I can be a 'kind mom' and not just embarass them out of the ball-park...

    Mud - you and me both!

    Iota, I think that mum probably regretted not removing the doughnuts when she had to deal with the sugar high afterwards. Poor little boy.

    EPM, what have we done?

    NVG, oh yes, the showing off. I wrote a post a while back about Boy #1 showing off to a girls playground and scooting into a gatepost. They all do it...

  7. Still laughing at the faux cursing! Dh and I were having a quick chat(ok a 'discussion' over HOW LONG? I needed to shop, it was December after all) whilst stationary at a set of traffic lights when a very dry little voice pipes up from the back seat 'I think you can go now you know. The lights ARE green' followed by a big sigh and a 'Sheesh!' He was just coming up for two and a half. And I bet he was rolling his eyes as well.

    Just you wait a few more years and you won't view any activities with girls as cute. It is a time of great angst - be warned.

  8. Oh I see there is hope for me yet! I will be able to do more then one or two quick stops per day.

  9. Sharon, did I say it was cute? No. (Though actually it was...) No, actually what went through my mind was; god help us in 10 years time when my two boys know all the best-looking girls in the area because they have been in contact with them since nursery...

    SB, you will, I promise. Though if you have a second it may take a little longer to get there...


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