Monday, 22 December 2008

Don't look now, but..

I think... I may be... finally... growing up.

What has brought this realisation on?

Is it the fact that I am a married woman of nearly 42 years old, with 2 adorable sons, a handsome and caring husband, a home that is in reasonable nick, a gym membership I actually use, and an unhealthy Marilyn Moore habit?

(Unhealthy, by the way, in so far as I dream of her clothes but can rarely actually bring myself to part with that much money for a jumper which I know will bobble the moment I wash it... And then, on the rare occasion when I find myself in the shop and the demon Consumerism takes hold, I go completely over the top and buy all the stuff I've been craving for the last 6 months in one fell swoop. Only to get home, feel slightly sick at having spent too much money, and then wear the clothes to death - when they bobble, as I knew they would...)

Anyway, is it any of those things that makes me feel like a grown-up?

Nope. None of the above.

What has actually made me realise that I may finally be counted as an adult is the fact that it is only 22nd December, and ALL MY CHRISTMAS WRAPPING IS DONE!

I thank you, and good night. You will find me taking my ease by the Christmas tree sipping a grown-up drink like whiskey on the rocks, knocking back the Werther's Originals, and discussing the parlous state of the Pound:Euro exchange rate...


  1. thats so unfair!!! I spent yesterday evening constructing a ride on toy for my number 3 and now I have had a glass of wine I dont feel inclined to do any wrapping!

  2. It certainly means you are a very organized adult, but we already had some inkling that you were one. You can't fool us Mrs Potty.

  3. Well done you! When my boys were not much older than your two I had to resort to storing (ok, hiding really as we had very little storage space inaccessible to inquisitive boys) their gifts with my neighbour until Christmas Eve which would then see me back to wrapping in the wee small hours! Actually, truth be told, I enjoyed it more that way. Christmas carols playing, a warm mince pie or two and a little glass of something....

  4. Well, dear, you are waaay ahead of me, so congrats, Mrs. Adult! :-)

  5. My wrapping is done too, but I still need to buy more wrapping paper, as The Doctor has yet to do his....

  6. OHMIGOD I read the bit about the unhealthy Marilyn Moore habit and thought you meant that weird, goth singer with the strange eyes!

    I was readjusting my perception of you Potty when I read on to realise she is in fact a clothes designer.. phew!

    On the subject of growing up I was making the trifle today which included a healthy dose of sherry and found myself craving a - wait for it - 'glass of sherry'..

    I am turning into my grandmother.

    Joyeux Noel.

    BM x

  7. Sam, you see, I couldn't even THINK of doing any wrapping after a glass or two of red medicine. But you know that already.

    Irene, I talk a good game. Doesn't mean I can actually play, though!

    Sharon, you have my respect for having the staying power to wrap under those circumstances. Mince pies and wine? See my comment to Sam...

    J's Mommy, here's the thing; this is a first. Which is why I remarked upon it. And I bet you get there younger than I did.

    Iota, sorry. It won't happen again. (No, really, it won't)

    NVG, ah yes, and men have to use 3 times as much paper to wrap the same presents, am I right? Or at least, mine does.

    BM - the sherry thing is fine. As long as it's dry. If you wanted sweet, I suggest you throw out the zimmer frame now!

  8. Well done you, PM! Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year...hope it all works out well on the job front for your nearest and dearest...fingers crossed.

  9. Thanks HT! And similar positive thinking right back at you. x

  10. i fear if i open my mouth it will be to hurl explicit insults at you.

    so i shall say nothing.



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