Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bing Bong!

Boy #2: "Where's the train?"

My heart sinks. Boy #2 is fascinated by trains, they form a major part of his world, and feature heavily in role play, story-reading and telling, and in his imagination. This question, then, is something of a mine-field. It could refer to a specific toy he's looking for; heaven knows we have enough Thomas and related toys to stock a small gift shop. Or, it could refer to a 'generic' train that is a frequent subject of discussion, and which doesn't actually exist anywhere other than in his mind. He knows this train's schedule off by heart, he knows where it's running to, he knows who's on it (usually, his papa), and most of all he knows when you give the wrong answer.

I go for the obvious reply first. "Is it in the sitting room on the track?"

Boy #2: "NO! NO! It. Is. NOT!"

Not an actual toy then... "Is it... at the station?"

Boy #2: "No! - Yes! YES! It is at the station. Doors - opening. Papa. Climbing. On."

Phew. Got that right then...

Boy #2 (Man, I let her off way too easy...): "Where's it going?"

Me: "Uuuummmm.... the airport?"

Boy #2 (aha! Wrong answer, bozo!): "No! NO! Train. going. to. the. boat!" (Another pet topic of his).

Me (great, a chance to change the subject away from that blasted train. Let's go for an easy win here): "OK. Is that a Sydney Harbour Boat?"

Boy #2 (wow, she's good! How did she work that one out?): "Yes! Yes. It. Is!"

He bustles off to find a boat in the toy box and there is a moment of calm. Then;

"Where's the Other Train?"

Give me strength...

Party on, dudes! (How embarrassing is that when said by a 41 year-old woman?) The Carnival's started again, this time it's being hosted over at Part Mummy, Part Me, and she's got 15 great posts for you to read. Have fun, and may the best blogger win!


  1. Sigh ... you do need patience for conversations like this. My son sometimes asks me to help find one of his millions of tiny cars, and he knows exactly which one he needs, and expects me to know too.

  2. Talking to a little child is like talking to a demented person, isn't it? You do have to get the answers right, otherwise there is major emotional upset. I always dreaded these kinds of conversations, because my head would be so tired that I always gave the wrong answer and was rewarded by a huge fit, as if I had personally done a very wrong deed that caused a terrible wrong to happen in their lives. I always felt so guilty because of the stress I caused. I'm glad I don't have to guess anymore now, not even with my grandson, who is now quite articulate.

  3. I swear I saw that train when I was down in Sydney last week.

    I have vague memories of getting into trouble for sitting on fairy friends, but I don't recall my imagination quite being tested like that. Maybe it's a boy thing?!!

    There must be some clever way to turn the conversations around so you aren't doing the guessing! Tell him only he has the special powers to see the train or something?!!! You'd need to drink too much wine to cope with that every day!!!!

  4. Oh my! This sounds so familiar. Jonathan is also into trains and always seems to be looking for one...or a truck....or a cat to chase...or his daddy to climb all over.

    I have found one wonderful thing about the Thomas the Train shows -- they knock that kid right out. Relaxes him so much, with that narrators soothing voice, the kid falls right asleep. It is awesome.

    I'm trying it tonight around....hmmmm...say 7:30 :-)


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