Tuesday 23 December 2008


Ding dong merrily on high,
In blog-land we are crazy,
But you never can deny,
We're anything but lazy...

Wriiiiiite another-nother, wriiiiite another-nother, wriiiite another-nother, wriiiite another-nother, write another-nother post tonight, it puts off doing the laundry.

Ding dong merrily on high,
I'm blogging during bath-time.
Look how far wet flannels fly,
Whilst I search for the next rhyme...

Wriiiiiite another-nother, wriiiiite another-nother, wriiiite another-nother, wriiiite another-nother, write another-nother post tonight, it puts off doing the laundry.

And so on.

Yes, I'm rejoicing, because it's Carnival time again. And when you realise that you are sitting exhausted on the sofa watching the Sound of Music for the 40th time, and find yourself rooting for the Baroness rather than Maria out of sheer bloody-mindedness and boredom, heave your christmas-puddinged bottom off the comfy cushions and read some excellent bloggers here.

In the meantime, be happy that my smug post of yesterday was, in fact, not true. I discovered two lost presents this morning, and am off to wrap them now. If, that is, I can find a window of more than 5 minutes between stamping crossly into the Boys' bedroom to threaten an extremely over-excited Boy #2 with removal from the grown-up bed he is so proud of and being put back into his cot if he doesn't calm down and GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW!

It hasn't been working.

He's well aware that there is nowhere to put the cot and that it is currently lying in pieces on the floor of the spare room waiting to be collected by the nice people at The Besom (just as soon as I get round to calling them and begging them to remove it). Consequently he has called my bluff, continuing to sing and bounce around in an annoyingly tigger-like way, so I have been reduced to digging out the travel cot and placing it on the floor of his room in a solemn and portentous manner.

We shall see what happens next...


  1. I am LOL a lot! Love your version PM.


  2. What about:
    "Jingle Blogs, Jingle Blogs, Jingle all the Way. Oh what fun it is to blog in a one horse open sleigh!"
    Or is that just silly?
    Merry Christmas, Ho, Ho, Ho!!

  3. Does Boy #2 not realise that Santa is watching his naughty behaviour and that his presents are disappearing as fast as he bounces?

    I do hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that 2009 is all that you want (or at least need) from it:-)

  4. You definitely win the prize for prolific blogging m'dear, if i were so inclined i'd create a 'I blog prolificately' award...i'm sure that word exists.

    have fab noel or schmuelly or whatever it's called in dutch. plse don't mention the p0und:euro exchange rate again...some of us have to transfer pounds to euros. (pig winces)

    see you in 2009!


  5. You are clearly as over-excited in your house as we are in ours..not me, obviously, I am so very calm and reserved as you know, but my children..pfft!
    Great singing...surprised Pig didn't join in!
    So glad you found the screws to fix the beds together. Watch out for Buzz Lightyear impressions and never allow heavy books and drinks in the top bunk.
    ps. Merry Christmas!

  6. Ding dong Potty Mummy's high
    On Christmas celebrations,
    Better that than spirits or wine,
    Or illegal medications.

    No hangooooveeer, no hangooooveeeer,
    no hangoooveeer....

    Good for you, girl. You enjoy that festive jollity all you like.

  7. Hope the boys enjoy the bunk beds, for some reason my brothers and I always dreamed of having bunk beds. I can't remember why but my mom was too nervous one of us would fall out! Merry Christmas Potty!

  8. Hi
    Happy Christmas. What a saddo I am sitting on a computer today. Just having a quiet five minutes. You once came to my blog and I lost at the time how to reply. I'm fairly new to all this, not intentionally rude. Just come across you again. Mere male but will be back. Good luck

  9. Merry Christmas Potsy and family!
    Christmas puddinged bottom....I love that. Can I nick it?

    Mya x

  10. Very cute carol there. So you had a good Christmas then?

    Sorry about the little guy not sleeping! Hang in there. I'll be going through it too very soon.

  11. BM, thank you. Just a little ditty, you know...

    AM - no sillier than my effort - if that's any consolation!

    Sharon, I'm not sure he made the connection. And would YOU have had the heart to with-hold a 3 year-old's presents for a little bouncing on the bed?

    Pig, my lips are sealed. No more currency references... And Happy Christmas to you, where-ever you're spending it.

    Frog, already had the drinks conversation. Boy *1 is being sticky on this one though...

    Iota, I certainly have been. And now I feel as if I need to fast for a month.

    SB, I guess they only fall out once... (though must admit a certain skittishness about that one myself!).

    Ken, you're not a saddo, just lucky to find the time. And 'merely male' makes no difference - as long as potty talk doesn't freak you out, you're welcome!

    Mya, be my guest! Happy Christmas and consider that my present. (Wow, that was a cheap one)

    J's Mommy, it wasn't as bad as I made it sound. But hey, it's my blog - I can exaggerate if I want to...


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