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I have a post to write about The Chuggington PR event the Potty family and I were invited to yesterday, but that will have to wait until later as I tell you now about the perils of living in the village of London...

Yesterday morning, I dragged myself to the gym quite early. Shouldn't be too busy, I thought, I'll be in and out of there in a jiffy.

I've hurt my knee (bear with me, this is relevant) and can't use the running machine right now, so my cardio torture instruments of choice are currently the 'elliptical edge' and the 'tread climber'. (Fancy names for things that basically make you sweat.) Fyi, there are loads of elliptical edge machines in my gym, but only one treadclimber and before we start with this, I should say that every piece of cardio equipment in the facility has a note on it stating 'please limit your use to 20 minutes at peak times'.

Here is what happened next...

8.30am: Arrive at the sports club. (I know, it's early. Too early...). Glance through the window into the gym on my way into the locker room and see the tread climber is in use.

8.35am: Walk into the gym. Treadclimber still in use. Go and use the elliptical edge instead.

9.00am: stagger off the elliptical edge, red, sweaty, exhausted, and thankful it's still so early that I shouldn't bump into anyone I know... The treadclimber is still in use. By the same person.
Go off and do some other exercises...

9.15am: Treadclimber still in use. And yes, by the same person. In case you're hungover (like me), that's 45 minutes she's been on there.

9.18am: I decide enough is enough and walk over to her.

Me: "Excuse me, are you going to be much longer?"

Bolshy Blonde: "Another 15 minutes." (Subtext - how dare you interrupt me?)


Me: "Well, um, sorry but it does say 20 minutes at peak times..."

Bolshy Blonde: "It's not peak time."

Oh, so why am I paying for peak time membership to be able to use the gym right now?

Me: "Well, I think it is, actually."

Bolshy Blonde: "It's not busy."

Me: "Well, I'm waiting..."

Silence as she keeps trundling away. I decide that for once I'm not going to give way, so just stand there and wait...

30 seconds later. "Oh, go on then. You use it. But it's not peak time..."

It most certainly is, I think, but manage to keep it in. Who knows when I might meet her again? Here, at the school gates, in the supermarket, on a playdate...

She flounces off. I use the machine and scarper asap, pleased to have avoided further confrontation, hoping never to see her again.

You know what's coming, right?

Guess who was at the party I took Boy #1 to yesterday afternoon?

Note: we studiously avoided each other throughout the party. I asked a friend of mine who she was and after explaining why I wanted to know, was told that she is a 'bit of a feisty bird' and that my mate wouldn't like to cross her.

If I don't post for a while, call the police...

I'm interested, though. Was I right? And what would you have done?


The Boisterous Butterfly-by 2 November 2008 at 13:08  

I would have said, "Excuse me, but I would like to use the tread climber now." And if she had given me any lip, I would have pointed out the 20 minute rule, because you were obviously waiting. In our YMCA they had a blackboard on which you could write your name by the machine of your choice and when the 20 minutes were up, it was clear who was up next. Maybe something for your club to consider.

Millennium Housewife 2 November 2008 at 15:43  

If I'd been on the tread climber I would have gotten off and let you have it, but probably grumbled to Husband later! If I'd been in your position I would have gotten a staff member to clarify whether it was peak time. As you can see I'm a total wuss and hate confrontation. I stand humbled by your stance rather than running to teacher (yes I was one of those).

Iota 2 November 2008 at 15:58  

You were right. But I wouldn't be brave enough.

Nunhead Mum of One 2 November 2008 at 16:37  

You were right and did the right thing. I have to be in the right mood (bolshy, possibly suffering with PMT and with an axe - any axe - to grind) before I confront someone but would be suitably narked by her reluctance to share! I might have made a passing comment.....or six.

Working mum 2 November 2008 at 17:07  

You were right! Also, you probably won't have too much trouble with her in the future now you've stood up to her. Well done!

aims 2 November 2008 at 18:19  

I might have made some silly comment to her about rules at the party. But I'm not sure on that.

You've got balls as they say girl.

Jo Beaufoix 2 November 2008 at 19:23  

You definitely did the right thing but I don't know if I'd have had the guts. I'm glad you did though, she was so rude. Your kids will probably become best friends now though. ;D

Great to meet you yesterday. I just got back and am wondering whether to write my Chuggington post tonight or save it for tomorrow when hopefully my brain will have returned. I spent the night in Brighton with my sis and there was red wine involved.

Karen 2 November 2008 at 19:40  

Oh no...scary confrontational situations. I would have been tempted to have given her a watch...showed her the big hand and then the little hand and asked if she could tell the time. LOL, in my dreams! On the other hand, there's always the idea of staring her out. No, you definitely did the right thing, but I'd be too much of a wimp. Good luck next time and if you're on the tread climber when she pops her head round the door, make sure you're there for half an hour ;-D

Potty Mummy 2 November 2008 at 21:06  

Irene, I did make a suggestion on how they handle it. We'll see if it gets taken up (pigs might fly!)

MH, once upon a time I ran to teacher too, but found over my (many) years it's much simpler and quicker to do it yourself. Scary, occasionally, too...

Iota, it was probably the extremely tight time frame that I was working to (and the vast amount of Halloween chocolate I was attempting to work off) that pushed me into it.

NH, she had headphones on, so point in making comments, sadly.

WM, I hope not - but really, I hope that I never bump into her again. (Twice in one day? I mean, come on!)

Aims; so, it appears, does she...

Jo, am wrestling with the Chuggington post - and when to write it - myself. I too drank red medicine yesterday...

Karen, I have to force myself to do it but often find it's just better to get these things over and done with - hence the confrontation - than otherwise. That doesn't mean that I don't have as many overdue library books lurking by the back door waiting to be returned as the next woman, though...(I can't bear the look of disdain on the librarians face as I shamefacedly deposit 3 month overdue childrens' books on the counter...)

Tara 2 November 2008 at 21:55  

You were absolutely right!
I hate how some people think they own the gym because they're there every day in their designer Lycra and full make up (that's not you right?)

Potty Mummy 2 November 2008 at 21:58  

Tara, it most certainly is not. Lycra? At the gym? Why would I wear my support tights at the gym? (The only lycra I own, in case you're wondering...)

sharon 3 November 2008 at 02:01  

Well done you! hopefully the Gym people will post clearer rules to avoid the need for any confrontations in future. Oh and yes, as Jo says, your children will become best friends.....

Anonymous,  3 November 2008 at 09:48  

Very brave - and quite the right thing to do. I just hope your children don't decide to become best buddies with hers now!

nappy valley girl 3 November 2008 at 10:03  

PM, this is just the kind of thing that would happen to me....I am usually quite polite, but on the rare occasions that I really fall out with someone, it always comes back to haunt me! But she doesn't sound like the sort of woman you would ever want to be friends with...

Potty Mummy 3 November 2008 at 13:51  

Sharon, I'm not holding my breath on the response from the gym...

Mud, I do hope not. They're at different schools, so it shouldn't happen. Mind you, Bolshy had a daughter - images of girlfriends being brought home in years to come and the horrible realisation that I've met the mother before come to mind!

NVG, she's probably absolutely fine. Probably.

Paradise Lost In Translation 4 November 2008 at 08:54  

Yes you were right, but I expect it will be one more reason not to go to the gym, in case SHE'S there again. Bit awkward. I had a similar confrontation with a mum at my daughter's school. Well actually she confronted me. She was walking down the middle of the driveway as I drove in. She didn't move so I drove past. When I walked past her to fetch my daughter she called after me "You know you nearly ran me over back there?" (I didn't) So I said'oh please, this is Albania, surely you're used to a little traffic & after all you were walking down the middle of the rd, Albanian style' She then said "but I don't expect traffic in the school to be like the rest of Albania.'

I'm not particularly proud of this I must say but (it's an American school & she's American)I replied "well you shdn't expect Little America either, this IS actually Albania, you were walking down the middle of the rd, I drove slowly past you, leaving far more e room than any self respecting Albaian wd. So don't be ridiculous' I was shaking afterwrad sbut glad I saidi something, it was so uncalled for.

Howver I see her every day. And I hate it!

Potty Mummy 5 November 2008 at 21:41  

You were definitely in the right there, Paradise. And if it's any consolation she probably feels far worse than you do!

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