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>> Saturday, 22 November 2008 may have noticed a couple of weeks ago that I mentioned I'm hosting the next Best of British Mummy Bloggers carnival on Tuesday (25th November).
Now, I know it says 'Mummy' bloggers, but this is an all-inclusive deal; you simply need to be a parent (of either sex) to get involved.

We already have some fantastic bloggers participating, but there is always room for more: if you would like to take part simply e-mail me with a link to your favourite post from the last 4 weeks (that's one that you have written, obviously), and I will include it. I will drop you a line on the day the carnival starts and send you a link. If you want you can paste that into your blog so that people can visit and vote for their favourite entry by leaving a comment on The Potty Diaries.

Send your mail to:

before Monday lunchtime if possible.

Best of luck!


Working mum 22 November 2008 at 16:56  

How did you write 19 posts while my back was turned?

I will try to catch up and I've e-mailed you to join in the fun.

Nunhead Mum of One 23 November 2008 at 14:59  

Heehee, thank you for clarifying! Honestly, am such a twit!

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