Monday, 17 November 2008

Snapshots #2

Snapshot 1

Talking to Boy #1 this evening, I learnt that people are all different shapes. Some are fat, some are not. Some are tall, some are not. And some, who are reeeeeeeaaaaally old, get square tummies. Though not before you're 30, of course.

Well, that's a relief.

Snapshot 2

Changing Boy #2's nappy at lunchtime (it's a pull-up, I tell you, a pull-up! So not really a nappy at all. Not by my standards, anyway...) we heard the roar of a petrol engine outside. "That's. Loud." he informed me, wide eyed. "I know, Boy #2. What do you think it is? I think it's a motorbike." He looked at me disparagingly. "Not. motorbike. Mama. Silly. Ferrari. Red."

Snapshot 3

I may have mentioned before that my younger son is something of a petrol head. He loves cars, and is never happier than when sitting in the driving seat of one. But his devotion goes further than that; he is even perfectly happy walking down the street pronouncing on the relative 'coolness' of the parked cars he passes - and, just occassionally and rather embarrassingly, trying the doors to see if they're locked... Obviously, since we drive a Skoda (generally agreed upon to be anything but cool), this does skew his criteria somewhat. I mean, a chap couldn't possibly admit to driving a not cool car, could he? So he strides along stating "Cool car (Ferrari). Not Cool Car (Volvo 4 x4 - my work here is done...). Cool Car (Peugot van). Cool car (Aston Martin). Not Cool Car (Renault Clio). Cool Car (Skoda)."

That's my boy... What? Whaaaat?? Want to make something of it, Frog in the Field?

Snapshot 4

Always check, before taking off your younger son's 'virtually not nappies' pull-ups at bathtime, that there is no nice little suprise waiting to be scattered across the bathroom floor, racing to the corners of the room like marbles, for you to hunt down whilst wondering which deity you wronged today for it to end like this. (Boy #2 clearly needs more liquid in his diet).

Helpful hints; that's what I'm here for...


  1. Oh you have cheered me up that my son is not the only one with a vehicle fixation although in his case he is obsessed with dustbin lorries.
    As a fellow skoda driver I can officially confirm their coolness and as for little surprises there are always far too many!

  2. Oh snapshot 4 had me truly "LOL". Perfect mental image created there.*

    And #3 - too much Top Gear? A spot on Top Gear? Move over Richard Hammond.

    * Might be years since successful transition of youngest out of nappies, but after three kids, I don't think you ever forget the nappy.. er.. surprises.

  3. For snapshot #4 - pineapple! Fruit or juice used to work wonders for my 'pebble' producer. But not too much ... don't want to go to the other extreme lol!

    Snapshot #3 my boy #2 was fascinated by construction vehicles, the bigger and noisier the better. Getting past any roadworks was an absolute nightmare. It's amazing we aren't all deaf!

  4. Oh that was another great post PM. Love the image opf you chasinmg the conkers round the bathroom.
    I once found one under the couch! it had blended into the darkness and dust under there. Well, hey my floors are the same colour as the escaping conker, so forgive me?
    However, I did LOL at your son's car obsession.
    In our house, one son is a trainspotter and one a plane spotter. What oh what did I do to deserve a daily dialogue about aircraft fuselages and train engines?
    Half my trouble with updating my blog regularly is that I can't get the boys away from where they'd watch hundreds of hours of real-life (not even animated and colourful)train and airplane footage.
    I worry. I really do!

  5. None of the chapters on potty training every discuss the fact that you will intimately get to know the functioning of your children's bowels. I tell you, they vary hugely. And this affects potty training strategy. No-one tells you that.
    I feel a niche book coming on...

    For example, I have never had that "marbles running over the floor" experience, and nor could I. None of mine ever produced marbles. Golf balls, sausages, porridge, yes, but marbles, definitely not.

    Too much information.

  6. He could guest host on Top Gear. He would be in heaven.

    I don't miss those potty training days one bit. Not that there aren't further adventures in potty land once the diapers are gone.

  7. Mel, I'm not alone then? Hurrah! Skoda-driving mums of the world unite, rah rah rah! (Though of course we are in fact much more understated than that, aren't we?)

    Funny you should mention Top Gear, Tracey; Husband is a dedicated follower. No doubt the Boys would be too if it wasn't after their bedtime, but for now I'm spared Boy #1 doing Jeremy Clarkson impressions at the breakfast table. For now.

    Sharon, pineapple? Well, you learn something new every day. Will be off asap to buy some!

    M/M, sssshhhhh! Don't tell them they can find stuff like that on YouTube! I'll be sunk!

    Iota, sorry... I would try and keep it to myself but it's the title of the blog, you see. I feel compelled to deliver revolting info like that from time to time or I would be short-changing you...

    Ped, once Boy #2 knows that is a career opportunity then no doubt that will be his life all mapped out. I wonder if cheeky chappy Richard Hammond will still be presenting by then? Not that I like small guys, but he's quite attractive in a Polly Pocket sort of way...

  8. I love that he walks down the street declaring how cool the cars are.
    I do that with people's shoes, so you never really grow out of it!

  9. Marbles? I know them well, but in our household they are known as rabbit droppings. And yes, they do have a remarkable ability to roll all over the floor and end up in little nooks and crannies, so you find them, hours later.....

    As another fellow Skoda owner, I am so glad he thinks Skoda is cool. In a postmodern type way, so he is obviously a deep thinker.

  10. I used to really hate pull-up's, the way they hang lower and lower the more they wee. I don't think they did anything to encourage mine onto the potty.

  11. I said "too much information" regarding my own comment, not regarding your post - as you say, it's in the title so we are warned.

    And judging by the other commenters, the marbles experience seems quite a common one. I feel I rather missed out.

  12. No never had the marbles experience. Withmy children I mean. That's ALL i was talking about or wish to.
    My son once spotted a sports car being driven by a man alone. He piped up "where's the pretty lady?" Turns out my husband had indoctrinated him with the explanation that sports cars get driven by men with a beautiful blonde sitting in the passenger seat. Honestly what hope do I have?

  13. You're right Tara. We all have our own cool lists - some more secret than others. Maybe there's a post in there...

    NVG, it's reassuring to know I'm not the only mum dealing with this one. Though have tried Sharon's advice on the pineapple - will let you know if it works!

    AM, you may be right. I'm just not ready to go cold turkey with pants though - and deal with the resultant laundry, more to the point!

    Iota, you're not missing out - I promise!

    Paradise, not sure of your hair colour but maybe you should take it as compliment?

  14. Snapshot #2: is it possible to have a mid life crisis at 2?


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