Sunday, 16 November 2008

Venus and Mars

Another weekend, another birthday party at the Army Museum in Chelsea for Boy #1.

Luckily no Bolshy Blonde was in evidence this time round; instead it was the usual gathering of 5 year-olds - racing manically around, hyped up on excitement and the expectation of too much sugary party food - and parents, reeling from the noise, the commotion, and the results of having spent the week either incarcerated from 8am - 6pm (if they were lucky) in the office, or alternatively with the children, on taxi duty.

There were actually a few more men in evidence than is normal at this party, however. I expect that this was because it was being held at the Army Museum, so their wives were able to persuade them that it would be different from the usual run of such things, probably with macho stuff like Men being Men in Manly situations...

It wasn't different at all of course, apart from the fact that the children got army hats to run around in and the jungle gym had camoflage on a couple of it's walls...

But the dads' morning wasn't completely wasted; I saw a few of them sneak out guiltily, and come back in hefting plastic bags full of books from the museum's bookshop. One of them admitted quietly that coming to the party was 'completely worth it' for the opportunity to stock up on the '3 for 2' offer of hard-to-get books on military history.


They're just different, aren't they?


  1. VERY different. Mr B would have done that too, although he does come to parties sometimes without me even having to beg. ;D

  2. Indeed... especially men who collect military books. I mean, what is with that?! Time for me to read back a few posts on your blog now!

  3. Thanks for reminding me about Mars and Venus had that one stored in the back of my mind. Men can only do one thing at a time! So true.

  4. Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky woman, Jo. Am I envious? Well, maybe a little...

    Hi Sparx, thanks for the visit, and I have no idea why men do that thing. But a surprising and rather scary number of them do...

    Iota, is that 'hm' as in: 'why?' or 'hm' as in'lovely'? I'm thinking it's the former, but you never can tell...

    Susanna - it's the walking and chewing gum thing all over again...

  5. I suppose there is the argument that 'good is different'. I get rather freaked out if I find a man who loves shoe shopping or who has a wider range of moisturisers than me!

  6. I can just imagine. The Doctor would certainly have been stocking up on the military history books. When we went to the Imperial war museum recently, he spent time earnestly reading all the blurb on the exhibits while I chased the children up and down.

  7. The Man has to be the most different man I have ever met.

    He loves shopping. Every kind of shopping. He does all the grocery shopping - he brings me home new books when he sees I'm running low. He loves to check out every single aisle in every single store just 'in case'.

    Having come from years of retail - shopping is not high on my list of things I love to do. However - go with The Man and it's a whole new experience. He comes home with stuff I'd never find in a million years - or think of in 2 million.

    As for the military stuff. I once spent a whole year reading nothing but military books. I was fascinated and horrified by WW11 and even read a book on tank maneouvers.

    So maybe I'm saying - The Man and me are pretty well matched.

  8. When they get a little bit older, you can drop them off and have a couple of hours's freedom. Or at least time with the other child. :-)

  9. Hm. David claims he's a allergic to children's parties but thankfully Mac only attends those where the parents of guests are only allowed to drop off and pick up. Unless......that's just what they're telling us.....

  10. I love children's parties - an opportunity to hovver over the dear ones and hoover up the forbidden sausage rolls and chocolate cupcakes. Or is it tofu and carrot sticks now? Seems long ago. These days I just get to drink rubbish coffee whilst they all race around Laserquest.

  11. Mud, different definitely IS good. I just don't understand the war thing, that's all!

    NVG, oh yes, the traditional division of roles in such situations. When they sit there and say 'why can't you relax?' as you worry about abductors, smashed exhibits, nut allergies (in my case, anyway), bullies, broken bones from slipping shiny tiles and... need I go on?

    A book on tank manouveurs (or however you spell it)? In that case you probably already know that they are only called tanks because in WWI, when they were delivered to the Front on trains, they were covered with tarpaulin and referred to as oil tanks; the name stuck, history was made. See? Who says I don't pay attention to the exhibits at the Army Museum...?

    EPM, I live in hope!

    NH Mum, count yourself lucky! (Though I must say that it's actually quite nice to have the chance to spend longer than 5 minutes at the school gates with other mums. I know I complain about it, but I do have a masterplan, really!)

    FK, no doubt we'll get there! But sadly, in K&C the mummies rarely go for the goodies so if I did I would stick out like a sore thumb. It's rather like some kind of double bluff; 'When she reaches for the pizza, I'll scoop up some crisps... She's not reaching. Bugger...'


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