Friday, 31 October 2008


So, even in the prosperous area of Kensington and Chelsea, the credit crunch is starting to bite.

Exhibit 1

Walking along the Kings Road on Saturday, I popped in to SpaceNK to buy a birthday present for a friend. I spent a good ten minutes mosying around before deciding that the amount I wanted to spend and what I could get there for that money were not adding up to a decent 40th birthday offering.

My hand was on the door to pull it open and leave when the manageress accosted me. "All our gift boxes are half price today."

Half price? But there were no signs, nothing to tell me this. Could it be that they were so desperate for a sale she just decided to be proactive with a customer who looked like she was about to leave? In any case, the sort of present I wanted to give was suddenly a lot more accessible, and what do you know, I spent my money in that shop.

Exhibit 2

Then I walked over the road and looked in the window of a jewellers I've always liked. Not fancy schmancy, just decent costume stuff, all made on the premises and pretty in an unassuming way. Guess what? 'Credit Crunch Christmas Sale - 70% Off!' The money I had spent in SpaceNK would have bought an even better present here, I thought. I walked in, had a look, wished I had gone there first, and left empty handed (Husband has started asking me to keep reciepts, if you know what I mean...).

But I went back there on Tuesday and bought 6 very respectable family Christmas presents for only £90. And nothing for me - which nearly killed me. (I LOVE that shop). Still, we're keeping receipts - if you know what I mean... (which I guess should feature as Exhibit 3).

Clearly, however, the powers above don't want me to save money. Because yesterday afternoon, beset by two wailing boys, what felt like 57 bags, coats, umbrellas, and in the pouring rain, I parked up outside out flat and didn't notice that that particular resident's bay was suspended. This morning? No car. It had been taken to the pound, where a £260 bill awaited us.



  1. Jeez....! How do they get away with it?

  2. Good Lord! That would keep you in taxis until Christmas!

    I'll be heading up the King's Road tomorrow - and I'm holding you responsible if I end up in a certain jewellery shop...

  3. At least you can be consoled that you could almost buy a new car with that bill - the way the credit crunch is going - all cars will be given away come 2009.

  4. Did that make any sense? To anyone?

  5. GPM, I blame Ken. I know he's no longer mayor, but it's easier than blaming myself...

    Mud, it's called Melissa McArthur and I highly recommend it! (At the Worlds End end of Kings Road, fyi...)

    Aims, it kind of made sense. And the same thought had crossed my mind. Bearing in mind it's a 9 year old skoda, you're probably right - we'ld be lucky to get £260 for it...

  6. We have some sales going on around here. But it doesn't help much because pay week isn't until next week and that means I'm broke. Because I'm poor. Because the economy sucks. Thanks a lot Wall Street big wigs!

    Sorry about the car. They stink! Those people...whom ever they are.

  7. Oh god, now I'm in a bad mood on your behalf. What a bummer!

  8. There is little justice in an arbitrary world where you have to pay such a heavy fine for something that suddenly stopped being what it was. That's cruel and unusual punishment.

  9. J's Mommy, yes, they stink. Even though it's my fault and I should have looked up at the sign, it's definitely their fault really...

    EPM, you said it.

    Irene, I so wish it hadn't been my mistake. But it was. Blast it...

  10. I hate that suspended bay thing. You can never see the signs when it's dark or raining, and they don't take any account of whether you've left your car there because you are on holiday. I say appeal! claim potty-trianing addled brain or something.

  11. I know that jewellery shop! Never been in it though. & now I'm too far away. I have a friend who used to live in Oakley street & I loved visiting her and getting my King's rd fix.
    Can't believe that's what towing fines are now in London. That's eye watering. Here you just park on the pavement, double park, park in front of driveways (I don't, but people do) Anything goes, which isn't much fun either. Speaking of expensive & your possible move to Russia,; did you see that news report about posh 'imported goods' supermkts in Moscow, where a punnet of strawberries was £30! The reporter interviewed a few Russians, who were saying 'well I'm not going to let the credit crunch change my shopping habits' (as they pick up 2 punnets of strawberries for supper....) Others who said 'well it hasn't affected me yet'.

  12. How to forge receipts: Buy something cheaper first and present that receipt. Better still ask in the shop if they have any old sale bags and place items in it, thus leading people to assume (their fault remember, assume makes an ass etc etc) that you went sale shopping. Now get back to that jewelers. Stat. MH

  13. Ouch! Bad luck.

    I'm a bit thick about this "keeping receipts" thing. Is he wanting to check up on your spending habits? Or is there some clever tax dodge that you can do if you keep receipts? Or is he wanting to make sure you can take all the stuff back and get a refund if you fall on hard times? Sorry to be thick.

  14. appeal! appeal! i got let off a parking ticket after writing a lengthy explanation bursting with disabled children and a psychiatric disorder. (which on that day was sort of true.)

  15. I've been downsizing for the past year and my husband is Scottish, I am not afraid of bargains ... where are those shops again???

    Good to see you in London today and do you want to host a Best of the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival?

  16. NVG, would love to but according to Husband the sign was SO large only a fool (!) wouldn't see it. Well, he didn't actually say that but it was there in the subtext...

    Hi Paradise, thanks for visiting and no, I didn't see that news report but it doesn't surprise me at all...

    MH, wise you are oh great one...

    Iota, not checking up, exactly. WE're just trying to work out what we spend over the next month and where that money goes... (Well, that's what he told me, anyway). In any case, you'ld be surprised how much of a disincentive it is to buy stuff you don't need if you have to add it all up in a couple of weeks time...

    Grit, see my comment to NVG - sadly.

    Hi Modern, and nice to see you too! As for hosting, should be fine but will get back to you offline when the dust has settled later today.


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