Monday, 6 October 2008


I don't want to boast or anything, but....

MORE WEE IN THE POTTY TODAY! (From Boy #2 that is, not me. I'm not wee'ing in the potty so I can tell you that there was wee and not be specific about who put it there. That would be sick...)

So yes, rejoice! The pull-up nappies are in use, the sanitising wipes are installed in the bathroom to regularly clean out said potty, and... What? Why the wipes? Well, I said there was wee in the potty. It is also visited on a regular basis by comfort blankets, cars, trains, the occassional book, and even the odd flannel thrown out of the bath in a rage (or to wind up mummy. But that's another post). So the wipes are used after the wee has been disposed of to ensure things don't get even smellier and more disgusting than they naturally are with two boys in the house and a mummy who's contact lens prescription probably needs updating...

But stop. Calm down, Potty Mummy. I think this may have been yet another triumph of timing, and that my beloved Boy #2 has just been lucky in producing the goods 2 nights in 3. Why? Because of the following comment, said in wonder-struck tone as he sat on the potty:

"Loooook! It's. Coming. Oooouuuut!"

Celebrating too soon, do you think?

Still, Boy #1 and I high-fived each other anyway. And if you're asking why he cares, well, for pity's sake, isn't it obvious? He has to share a bath with his younger brother...

In other news...

The birthday party season is well upon us. After spending Sunday morning at one celebration in Gambado on Chelsea Wharf, and Sunday afternoon at another in Kensington, I had only one thought on Sunday evening.

I need a flotation tank.


I've never been in one, you understand, but the thought of complete silence along with an absence of; flashing lights; rushing, shouty and hysterical children; fatty salt and sugar rich snacks; and party bags, is strangely appealing.

And yes, I know that the parties are not about me, that the children love them, and that before I know it they will have grown through the stage when my presence is not just expected but wanted. Which is why, although I invariably sit in my car muttering "Never again. Not ever. No, never again" like a madwoman as I drive away from Gambado, the boys will keep going and I will keep taking them.

Besides, in my current existence, when else do I get to have grown up conversation and cake at the same time?


  1. ......and there's much rejoicing!

  2. Yeah, never go to a children's party if you're feeling slightly low ... it's enough to send you off the deep end. Good potty news though - well done Boy 2!

  3. You put it very succinctly - grown-up conversation and cake in the same place at the same time. What a treat.

    There is a certain sadness the day when you leave your child at a party, and don't stay. I guess it is worse when they just borrow the car and head off on their very own.

  4. Great idea for using the wet wipes for sanitizing the potty, very hygienic!

    I feel sorry for mothers who have to give birthday parties for little boys. Period! Set them all free in the zoo or something.

  5. hmm - from what I've seen potty training is no guarantee that a little boy won't still occasionally amuse himself by having a pee in the bath...!
    I like the sound of these parties where you get cake! Why waste it in party bags? t.x

  6. And even more this morning, Aims!

    GBS, if you're at all depressed a children's party will send you over the edge. But the sugar high might save the day!

    Iota, so true. Am not looking forward to the day when my presence is no longer required. When will I get the chance to swap scurrilous gossip with my mummy friends then?

    Irene, as ever, I'm exaggerating. Mostly...

    KP, you put cake in the party bags? What a waste! The parents deserve it far more than the kids!

  7. I'm not surprised you need a flotation tank after a party in Gambado. I haven't been back there since the day Littleboy 1 disappeared for hours in the playgym. Eventually I went to look for him and found him riding the carousel round and round on his own with tears streaming down his face.....

    Well done to Boy2 with the potty though.

  8. NVG, oh my god! That would definitely scare me off for good. I'm filling up just thinking about your poor little one.

  9. Wipes are also very useful for the occasions when they leave it till the last minute, get their trousers down but somehow manage to dribble pee down their leg. (not that I speak from experience or anything.)

  10. Felicitations on the peeing triumph Boy#2. My little Sprog can't wait for me to leave parties...he's practically pushing me out of the door. I try not to feel hurt by this and tell myself that his independance is a sign of being well adjusted.Hmmph.

    Mya x

  11. EPM, good point. However, the wipes I currently have in the bathroom are dettol. May stick with loo paper for the sake of Boy #2's skin...

    Mya, I know that day is just around the corner, and deep down am not looking forward to it (however much I moan and groan about having to go right now).

  12. Go go go and go again boy #2!

  13. I've been in one, I've just started the party circuit and I would love to go back in one! Pure sensory bliss!

    PS Daughter's been invited to two parties on the same weekend and when I suggested she choose one husband said, "But there are only 20 kids in her class, surely she can go to all the parties?" Guess who takes her, waits for her and tries to make small talk with complete strangers? Yes, that would be me!


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