Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Tag! I'm it!

I've been tagged, by not one, but two bloggers: Tara at From Dawn 'till Rusk and Nunhead Mum of One, to reveal 5 of my favourite posts in the last month, and give anyone reading the chance to look in on them by linking to them.

An easy task, you'ld think. It certainly should be; there are loads of posts out there that strike a chord, made me laugh, or pulled at my heartstrings. But there's a problem. Me and Memory? We were never that close in the first place, but since the Boys have arrived we're not even really on speaking terms anymore. Ask Husband, he'll tell you. In fact, ask anyone. I have to write it down if I want to have any chance of remembering it. I am perfectly capable of sitting down, making a mental list of my chores for the next few hours, getting up, arriving in another room to do the first of said chores - and having forgotten what it is.

I blame my sister, actually. She clearly got my memory cells in addition to her own. She is capable of telling you not only where we went on holiday when we were aged 5 and 7 (Cornwall), but who we stayed with (my cousins), what we did when it was raining (visited the aquarium), and what flavour the lolly was we ate on the way (blackcurrant). I mean, that's not normal, is it? Though I am of course more than prepared to admit that neither is forgetting to look at your carefully prepared list when you get to the supermarket...

So, forgive me if I miss anyone out who should be on here, but these are the posts I can remember - and just as importantly, the ones that haven't already been hoovered up by the bloggers who have previously been tagged!

So, let's kick off with a post from Gone Back South. It's beautifully written. Of herself, she writes: 'I stomped away in my teens, and came back the day before my 40th birthday. At the little school where I once was a daughter, I am now a mother. Some people morphed slowly from one to the other, without setting foot outside this town. I see them in the mornings, ghosts from school-days past, looking exactly the same. Only 30 years older. '


Next, right back at you Tara at From Dawn till Rusk with the post she wrote about her daughter speaking her mind at the supermarket. Very, very, very, very, very funny. And her daughter is right - it is disgusting...(though of course I speak as a mum who's boys may no longer use dummies but refuse to go to sleep without their blankets. So really, I'm no better...)

Now, onto Pig in the Kitchen. Pig is on temporary sabbatical (please god, let it be temporary), but she recently wrote the post linked to above, about a good friend giving birth and the impact it had. I love Pig's writing. She is in fact the reason I started blogging in the first place, so blame her for everything... (Oh yes, and if you're on a diet, I suggest you don't look at her photographs of food...)

Finally, I had to include this one by Elsie Button in Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes. It tells how she got caught out on an ill-advised flip comment on some-one else's blog. Very funny...

I'm afraid I'm going to be a spoil-sport here, and not pass this tag on. I know I may never be tagged again (and consequently will lose out on a rich vein of subject matter when I can't think of anything interesting to write about), but frankly, I'm just too tired. Husband's in Moscow, I'm suffering from a sugar low (or is that a famine), and I went to Boy #1's graduation picnic today (more of which tomorrow), so I am taking myself off for a bath and some rubbish tv in the hope I will forget all about the two tubs of Green & Black's ice cream in the freezer....

Like that's going to happen.


  1. I'm very sorry Potty Mummy, I think I went a bit copy-and-paste happy there! Have rectified my mistake :-)

  2. Hi potty, thanks v much for the mention, and for drawing my attention to Gone Back South!

    I miss Pig too. I think she will def be back, and with some great stories!

  3. Ooo! I just came on to see what you're up to, and you've put a link to my blog so thank you VERY MUCH! Hope you're keeping your head above water this week, and not buried too deep in ice cream. x

  4. Well girl - you've certainly given me some wonderful places to visit. And here you said your memory was kaput! Bah!!

    Girl - here's a very good trick I have learned from that diet I'm on as well.

    When you feel the need for sugar - as in - my sugar feels really low....a tablespoon of raisins. Brings your sugar right up and doesn't weigh too much. Also quenches the need for ice cream.
    So go on - give it a try. It works!

    (and please don't tell me you hate raisins)

  5. Thanks NH Mum!

    Hi Elsie, glad you liked the links!

    Hello GBS, hope that was OK, and no, the ice cream is still in the fridge. For the moment...

    Aims, only a tablespoonfull? I normally measure them out by the fistful!

  6. Me too - but don't tell The Man!

    Still - they work!

  7. Great, and thanks for the new Blogs to visit. Already know GBS, but will have fun with the others I'm sure. M :-)
    PS Good tip about the raisins.


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