Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Snapshots #4

Example 1 of what happens when your children call your bluff.

You are in a stand-off situation with your younger son. It's dinner time, he won't come to the table, and it's time to show him who's boss...

Me: "Boy #2. Please come to the table. Right. Now. Or you will have to go straight to bed."

Boy #2: "That's. Not. Fair! Reeeeeeeeeeeally?"

Me: "Yes, Really. Table now, or bed."

Boy #2 considers the situation. "OK. Bed, please." And bustles into his bedroom, climbs under the duvet, and shuts his eyes...

Example 2

It's the end of bath time - or rather, it should be. You're rushing to get them both into bed, it's a school night, and it was so hard to get them up this morning that you think even 10 extra minutes sleep might help ease the pain tomorrow...

Me: "Come on, Boy #1. For the 3rd time, please get out of the bath!"

Boy #1: "Why?"

Me: "Because, it's nearly bedtime, and if you don't get out now..... your skin will become all wrinkly and you'll turn into a raisin."

Boy #1 (eyes boggling): "Really????"

Me (I've got him now!): "Oh, yes."

Boy #1: "Actually then, I'm going to stay here and see how long it takes..."

I. Got. Nothing.

And finally...

I look at Boy #1. He has an angelic expression on his face, to the point where if spotted by one of the White Father's he would have been snapped up as a Holy Child and trained as a Missionary for Darkest Africa before you could say Jack Robinson.

Me: "What are you thinking about?"

Boy #1: "Chocolate."

Fair enough. And I'll say it for you; Like Mother, like son...

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