Tuesday, 1 July 2008


One of my best girlfriends called today. She moved out of London a while back, so it's rare that we get to catch up without being besieged by husbands and children, but today we managed it. What we should have been discussing was where we are going to meet on a joint family trip in a couple of weeks time. After agreeing that this was a top priority we got distracted however, and our subsequent 15 minute conversation covered, in no particular order:

1. Babies sleeping through the night (her 10 month-old just did for the first time. Gosh, it's good to be out of the baby jungle).

2. Travelling husbands who take their gym kit / swim shorts away with them even though both they and we know the chances of their being used are none.

3. The same husbands refusing to get any help with their training regime from the professionals at their gyms in the form of exercise routines. We decided it must be because that sort of support is just not macho enough. Or that they are scared of that they might have to work harder at it...

4. Why we ourselves are so rubbish at taking the very helpful advice given to us by those same professionals at our gyms. Well, we do actually take it... for about 2 weeks. Then it's just quicker to cut out some of the exercises in order to make the school pick-up in time. And wouldn't you know it, the more difficult exercises are the ones that get dropped. Who'ld have thought it?

5. That Botox is no longer the preposterous idea it once seemed to us as relatively fresh-faced 20 somethings.

6. That beauticians have taken to offering us collagen 'filler' treatments when we go in for a facial. What, you mean I don't have the unlined face of 17 year-old?

7. That Botox is actually a pretty good idea and would probably a lot cheaper where she is.

8. How it's quite ironic that nowadays beauticians offer Cosmetic Enhancements in the wilds of Gloucestershire, but that the same town can't provide a dry-cleaning service that returns your clothes in less than a week.

9. How squeezing into your work clothes after your second baby is a mug's game - but that layering can hide a multitude of sins.

10. That unfortunately layering doesn't really work on the hottest day of the year so far...

11. That we used to have lives on a Friday night - and now we have ironing to do. (Layering is very wasteful on the linen front).

And did we arrange where to meet? Of course not.


  1. Why meet, you've solved all society's ills right there in one phone call!

  2. Meeting up with kids in tow means you can never talk anyway! I see one friend fairly regularly with both our sets of kids and and haven't got round to asking her how work's going in about a year....

  3. At the very least the conversation got your mind off of the slimy couch....

  4. But the thing is Tara, we didn't touch on which handbags are in, why we can no longer walk in high heels, and whether a winter sun or skiing holiday is king. So there is still work to be done...

    VG, very true. And if we did leave them to fight, make a mess, or whatever, would the house be in an even worse state at the end of the playdate because of our involvement with the kids rather than in a grown-up conversation? I doubt it.

    Thanks Aims - you just reminded me...

  5. How lovely to have such a long long phone chat with your old friend... if you time it just right when the little darlings are asleep or at school, you CAN still get the odd good one in can't you?

    I am VERY SERIOUSLY considering having Botox on a terrible frown crease above my eyebrows.

    My husband says he will divorce me if I go ahead but - hey we need all the help we can get right?

  6. You sure covered a lot of ground in 15 minutes but I do that too with certain people. It's like one idea bounces onto another, then another, and it can go on all day! Speed-talking is the only way to cover all the issues that need airing.

  7. You did well to actually reach a few conclusions, even if you have no idea where you are meeting up. Many a time when my kids were little I'd be relating to husband something about an interesting conversation I'd had with another mum during the day. He'd ask some pertinent question, and I'd realise we never ever finished that conversation. Kids. Interrupted. Of course. [He never quite understood, mind you...]

    But botox, girls?!! You're outta my league! Always was a bit of a dag, and could never walk in high heels. Suppose it comes in handy now I'm getting wrinkles!

  8. Hi BM - yes, occassionally I manage it. Though I do think back longingly to Friday afternoons at my desk when I was working, when there seemed to be nothing else to do than chat to my friends...

    GBS, you summed it up perfectly; speed talking. It's the only way!

    Tracey, you're right, men never do really get it. Something to do with focus, I think. But then, can they walk and chew gum? Multi-tasking is definitely a more female trait, I think... As for the Botox, don't get me wrong, I'm not planning it - just yet. It's only that it used to be 'no, never!', whereas now it's 'weeeelllll - maybe...'. But don't worry. I am rubbish on high heels.


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