Friday, 18 July 2008

Children say the funniest things...

Well, you better be laughing, is my point of view.

This morning at the Amazing Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum, a friend's daughter asked me:

"Have you got a baby in your tummy?"

I replied: "Thanks for asking J, but no, I haven't."

What I wanted to say was: "You cheeky little so and so. You're 5 years old and you think you can diss me like that? In your pedal pushers, with your cute blonde bunches? Have 2 kids, honey, and then come round here with your impertinent questions..." Can I tell you how relieved I was when her gorgeous skinny yummy mummy then said quietly to me "God, she's obsessed. She asked me that on the way here too"? (It may not have been true, but I'll take anything...)

Then, this afternoon, Boy #1, having spent the morning with 2 very girly girlfriends and their long/shoulder length haired mummies, turned to me and said:

"Mama, you have Boy hair."

And there was me thinking it was chic, attractive, sassy and stylish, not to mention being the best cut for the shape of my face. In addition it's the only way of dealing with a head of hair that, if it grows any longer than my collar, sits flat on my head like a very dead thing.

But no. It's Boy hair, apparantly.

Ah well.

Rejoice. For our children are getting Opinions.


  1. I wonder when children acquire a filter? They are amusing, embarrassing and annoying in the mean time.

  2. Oh yes, know that one. I had my hair cut last week and my son said "I don't like your hair cut". And shortly after, "you've got a big bottom". You really need a thick skin with kids!

  3. OK, so then I really have boy hair... mine is cut with #8 clippers every 2 weeks and it sounds like the same reason as you PM. My 4 year old said to me, as I got out the shower last week, "that is such a fat tummy!" with a look of shock and horror on her face! What a way to start the day!

  4. It's not just us that have to put up with it, whenever any older person approaches Isal to tickle her chin (or similar) she asks loudly what's that smell? And repeats it until I can satisfy her with an answer MH

  5. My mother loved telling the story of hearing my brother tell some kid....'My mom's really fat'.

  6. That skinny yummy mummy sure showed some quick thinking with the "she asked me that too" comment. If it was a lie, I'm impressed. I'll have to remember that one in case Csilla says something offensive to someone in the future.

    And as for the boy hair cut? Me too. My hair looks like flat mousy mess unless I keep it short.

  7. Sorry - ps - yes, I've tried counselling. My psychologist is wonderful and I too, would highly recommend seeing one. Now if I only I could afford to bring her on the airplane with me...

  8. It reminds me of a story where a young child was taken by her parents to visit some friends, who had just decorated their lounge. The little girl stood in the middle of the lounge and announced to the hosts "well, it doesn't make *me* in the slightest bit sick". Red faces all around.

  9. At this point, I'd gladly take any number of embarrassing comments over the shrill screams my one month old uses for communication.

  10. Kids are better than having a best friend, They tell you the truth. The bad thing is that they do it in public and without diplomacy.

  11. My friend has a great story of her toddler pointing at a skimpily dressed girl recently in the park and shouting 'no clothes!'.

    And when I was a bridesmaid, aged 7, I went up to the best man, who had terrible acne, and asked him if he had chicken pox. How my parents must have cringed.....

  12. Heh heh, Miss M did this last year when she was two. If you had short hair you were definitely a boy. Even if you were a kid in a dress. Even if you were an enormous chested lady in the Women's Toilets, you were a boy. She also was adamant that my baby niece did not have hair but just 'head'. I love this age.

  13. Ped, I was wondering the same thing. Though I'm not sure I really want it to happen tomorrow...

    GBS, they certainly know how to hit where it hurts, don't they?

    MdP, I hope you followed that up with: yes, isn't it lovely? Got to keep those positive body images coming...

    MH, could be embarrassing. Though at this stage such smells are often still masked by the scent of Boy #2's nappy, sadly...

    Aims, I bet he said it proudly, too!

    Carolyn, I'm hoping that skinny mummy spoke the truth - but I'm not so sure...

    Rosiero, great story. My parents once took my sister to lunch at some friend's house. After a while my sis said loudly 'This meat is tough!' and then followed it up with 'OW! Why did you kick me, mummy?'

    SB, ah yes. That does improve. I promise. But keep talking about it as I need to remember the bad times of babyhood as well as the good ones to keep the broodiness under control...

    Irene, oh so true. Though I would probably trust my best friend's opinion on fashion rather than my son's...

    VG, very funny, an see my comment to Rosiero for a similarly embarrassing story...

    Hi Jo, thanks for commenting, and yes, they are precious. Boy #1 yesterday asked why my Bro's girlfriends baby was going to be born because it had been in there a long time. Needless to say - she's not pregnant...


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