Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Service Announcement...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a bit of a luddite. Frankly it's a wonder that I ever got myself organised enough to set up a blog because my track record with 'technology' is not great. Sure, I know my way - vaguely - around a keyboard, and have been known to set up the odd -extremely basic - website for a friend, but ask me to twitter, show me an i-phone, or present me with a new camera and I will at best work out the most basic commands before thinking 'well, I managed without it before, why bother now?'.

But that, ladies and gents, is changing. Only in a small way, but great oaks, and all that. For example, I've begun by suggesting to Husband that rather than simply inheriting his much used laptop when he upgrades without discussion (as he surely will - men have a habit of just doing these things and presenting you with the shiny shiny results in a neat fait accompli, I find), I would quite like a shiny shiny laptop of my own, preferably before our move to Russia. How I'm going to fund that I've yet to work out, but give me time...

I've also been thinking about the fact that once in Russia, on-line purchasing might be something I do a bit more of. It's not that I won't be able to go out and buy stuff over there, you understand; it's just that actually getting the opportunity to do it might be a little more complicated. So if I'm going to become an internet shopper, as a person who has indirectly (i.e. via by Husband) been affected by account-related fraud, any technology I can find to make that particular aspect of life safer and easier has got to be a good idea. So I've found one.

Hmm - aspirations for laptop purchase - items found plentifully on-line - and a way to pay for things on-line. Could the two things be related? Surely not...

Very cheekily, I'm going to send you over here to Powder Room Graffiti where I've written all about it, to find out what that method is.

Happy spending!


  1. OMG you have discovered the joys of ....(won't spoil it for other readers!) This is one of the reasons I buy so much online- our account is set up with DH's bank details!!

  2. I used to shop on line often when I still had the money. I preferred it to going to stores and I knew my size and could order clothes too and they always fit. I still buy books on line and have a wish list at my favorite on line bookstore. I direct people there if they want to buy something for me. It's very handy. I love on line shopping and think it's the greatest invention since the salt shaker.

  3. I did exactly the same and bought myself a shiny new laptop when we arrived in the US, rather than sharing our huge desktop computer as we did at home. Enjoy!

  4. You need a shiny new laptop. I have one, and it has

  5. An ingenious re-direction post - I like it ;)
    OMG I have been away too long - you're going to RUSSIA???!!

  6. Get one in the UK not russia if you are planning to move back to the UK :).

    I have a lovely Dell, they're a bit on the expensive side but Ive never had problems with any of mine


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