Tuesday, 29 September 2009


At lunch today Husband was trying to coax Boy #2 to drink - never an easy task. My younger son hasn't yet worked out that often, when he thinks he's hungry, he is in fact thirsty. So it's an uphill battle to get him to take on any water /juice / milk.

Although when all else fails, our little connoisseur can often be tempted by a glass of elderflower cordial with a single ice cube in it. (Thank you, Mother-in-Law, for starting that precious habit...).

So, back to lunchtime;

Husband: "Come on, Boy #2. Have some water, please."

Boy #2: "No."

Husband: "Yes. If you don't drink you won't grow up big and strong."

Boy #2. "No. I'm not thirsty."

Husband: "Please. One for Papa?"

Boy #2 passes Husband his cup. "OK. There you go then... Drink up!"

We're doomed, I tell you. DOOMED!


  1. hmm - this is so familiar. MaxiMad is not a great drinker and we have to coax him to sometimes, enter the ice worms http://themadhouse-themadhouse.blogspot.com/2009/08/encouraging-drinking.html

    I also offer mini size drinks, we all have cheap glasses from Ikea and we drink the same!!

  2. Have you tried (yes of course you have) twirly novelty straws?

  3. Staws work brillinatly especially with ice cubes


  4. I would fix him a vanilla shake with milk and ice cream, or juice and ice cream and then stick a straw in it and see if he didn't like that.

  5. Yup. Doomed.

    Obviously not one for Boy No. 2, but i have just discovered Elderflower Fanta. As a confirmed Fanta hater, this stuff is surprisingly good!

  6. MH - ice worms - I may well try that!

    Lisa, I know it.

    Iota, yes. But thanks for the tip!

    Tattie, nothing else to say except Mwhahahahahahahaha....

    Irene, would you believe it? He doesn't.

    EPM, no, just blxxdy obstinacy.

    Brit, elderflower fanta? Sounds good, actually. Although I have been known to make my own version of that with cordial and sparkling water - which I must say, is also pretty good.


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