Friday, 4 September 2009

Doin' it for the kids

Here's a riddle for you. Which movie will be demanded when you offer two tired post-school boys the rare chance to watch a dvd after school (in an attempt to get the younger and more exhausted one to drop off on the sofa for a while - as if...) and:

a) one of them is obsessed by dogs
b) the other is obsessed by trains

You won't get it. I know you won't get it. And the reason why I know you won't get it? Because unless you are a Disney Blu-Ray Ambassador (pass me those foil-wrapped Ferrero Rocher, somebody?), there is absolutely no chance you will have 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' in your dvd collection.

But I am. And we do. And guess what my sons wanted to watch for the second time this afternoon?

To be fair, it's actually quite a sweet film, and completely suitable for the 3 -5 year old age-group. I even - whisper it softly - sat down on the sofa for part of it and watched it with them for the second time. Never mind that this gave me the rare opportunity of having my younger son - normally 'he who eschews cuddles in favour of striding around being manly and playing with trains' - snuggled in on one side, and my older son - normally 'he who rarely stands still long enough for a hug as he's usually too busy pretending to be a dog - wedged in on the other... (Hmmm. Maybe I should have seen the writing on the wall regarding which way their choice of movie might go?)

So what's the film about? (You really want to know?). It's a live-action / CGI movie (also available in Blu-Ray format, obviously) that makes dogs talk and of which the blurb on the website says:

'It tells the story of Chloe (voiced by Drew Barrymore), a spoilt Chihuahua enjoying all the trappings of Hollywood from diamonds sparkling on her collar to the best grooming and gourmet food Tinsel Town can offer. However, she finds herself in a perilous situation when events conspire to take her to Mexico, lost, alone and abandoned.'

And it has trains and dogs in it.

And that is all I am saying on this matter.

The things I do for my children... and I don't even have chocolate in the house to reward myself with...


  1. I've been trying to get my son to nap after school as well. I had the same strategy, and was equally unsuccessful.

  2. Trains and dogs? Sound perfect....I think the boys have now run through the library's entire collection of Thomas the tank engine (with American voiceovers - weird), so it's time for some new material.

  3. Not dog training? Trains and dogs.Sounds like pretty solid boy fare to me, I shall take note.Isn't it lovely when they snuggle up to you on the sofa and drift off into the film?Enjoy it while it lasts.
    Mya x

  4. Snort. Now that's a good reason to watch that film. My two monkeys loved it. I didn't. Can't wait to watch Monsters Inc with 'em though. They'd better like it or Mummy will cry. :D

  5. Mwa, it's certainly the last time I fall for that one...

    NVG, well, my two loved it. Although today, as a direct result of watching it, Boy #1 did ask me what the world 'hunky' meant - as in 'Hunky Husky'...

    Mya, I'm trying to. Shame it takes Beverly Hills Chihuahua to make it happen though.

    Jo, yes, that's the thing. Kids love it. Parents - not so much...

  6. You are a truly wonderful Mum Potty! How you suffer for your boys, I just don't know how you do it.
    When I bought that DVD, I insisted my nieces took it home with them so my sister in law would have to suffer it, not me! I'm just not capable as what you are (snigger).
    Is it too early for a Sunday morning Sherry?

  7. Trains and kid would love it, I'm sure. I'd hate to see it end up in the trash like some of the other ones Hubby has grown sick of though. :-)

  8. Frog, you have no idea. My Sunday afternoon lie in the garden just transformed itself into a 'wicked-witch trying to catch two small boys and transform them - horror! - into princesses' fest. So yes, I am a saint. And could we make it a caiparinha instead of a sherry?

    The thing is Lisa, when you see the cover, you won't think for a moment that boys could love it. But they do. I just had to veto their watching it for the 3rd time in a week this afternoon...

  9. Hmm, I have to admit I rather like the sound of it .....but then I do abandon all taste buds at the cinema door ....

  10. sounds terrible - just the sort of thing my two would love! They're currently on Cars which I can just about bear, although I'd prefer Nemo.


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